Best friends brother - A Jasper Hale love story - Twilight

Skyler just moved to forks she is shy and polite and she is 18 years old, she lives with her kind but out going 16 year old Sister Mackenzie. When Skyler and Mackenzie go to Forks high school Skyler gets a new best friend, what happens when Skyler starts to develop feelings for her best friends brother?


4. 4 (Couldnt think of a title)

After about 2 hours of me and Rose talking about our past and what we want our future to be like, and just random stuff, we knew each other like we had been best friends our whole lives, my phone buzzed I checked my texts and saw that I had one from Kenzie saying that she was going to a sleepover at her new friends house "who is texting you?" Asked Rose "my sister saying that she is going to a sleepover tonight" I replied "Since your sister is going to a sleepover, do you wanna sleepover at my house?" "Sure that would be awsome!" "Great! Come on I'll help you pack" Said Rose pulling me to my bed room. After about 20 minutes I was ready to go, so me and Rose walked out the door, got in to the car, and drove to her house. 

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