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2. A new day to dawn

It was my day to shine to see draco again i was well excited me and mom had got to kings cross station by appearing i smiled at her she looked almost sad but i was growing up she had to accept it sometime we both ran into 9 3/4 by running into the wall in between nine and ten it was so amazing she knelled down beside me "now hun heres 400 galleons spend it wisely make friends have fun but don't get into too much trouble and one day very soon you will meet your father i promise now go see that wonderful Draco of yours" she scouted me off and i dropped my bags off and went on to climb the train ad headed to the back of the train i took the last compartment and sighed waiting for draco soon enough there was a knock at my door and it slowly slid open revelling my draco i mean draco his eyes lit up "alice hey sorry it took so long i met some friends and nobody said they saw you so we had to look all over how are you?" "Im great draco how about you?" "Im amazing whats up with the necklace? A slytherin snake? And a griffindor lion?" " um yeah my mom and dads houses my dad was in-" "slytherin?" He quickly snapped at me. "No i was going to say griffindor i dont actually know who he is but my mom said id meet him very soon so id have to just find out" "thats good are you tired alice?" "Yeah kinda why" i yawned loudly and he just chuckled "here switch sides with me and u can sleep on my chest ill wake you when the trolly comes by promise beautiful" i felt heat rise up in my cheeks i was blushing i wondered who my father really was i was woken up by a kiss on my cheek did draco fancy me? I wonder my eyes fluttered open "trolly is here alice told you id wake you" i looked around to see two fat boys i blushed embarrassed i got some things from the trolly but i didn't notice draco pay god a gentleman a shock that is draco looked up at me "this is crabbe and goyle" "hi" " you should go change into your robes we will be arriving soon" i did and grabbed my robes and changed into them as i stepped out and made my way back but i ran into none other then Sirius Black i looked at my daughter in shock i knew it was her i was so positive she looked as if she knew who i was but i wonder does she accept me and my decisions. I looks down at her and smiled " I'm professor black ill be teaching your defence against dark arts i glad to meet such a beautiful student" "Th.-thanks professor" "what is your name?" "Alice Black" she was defiantly my daughter she waved good by and ran back to her compartment soon the train would pull into Hogwarts and soon id watch my daughter grow when should i tell her i wonder....
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