Can Be Seen Together

Carly Mason had transferred schools years before. She met Brody Rider those years ago. His friends didn't like her so they made her life a living hell. She promised them that she wouldn't hang around him. It's sophomore year. Her promise gets harder to keep when he tries to befriend her again. He shouldn't have done that. Hell is about to hit both of them. Hard.


2. He's an idiot

Chapter 1

When I walked in to my house, my mom was waiting for me in the kitchen. She didn't look pleased, but she didn't look angry either. 

"It's not nice to keep company waiting." She explained. I was confused. I hadn't invited anyone over. 

"Whose here for me?" I quickly asked, confused. 

"Your friend Cole is here. Something about some project you two are working on."

"Oh. I completely forgot." Best liar ever. I didn't wanna scare her and make her call the cops or something. 

I went upstairs to my room. Cole wasn't in there. Oh crap! He's probably in my twin sister Charlie's room. I quickly went into her room, where Cole was slowly getting on top of her. She looked scared as hell. 

"Stop telling me you aren't Carly, changing your clothes doesn't change anything." He loudly whispered. 

"Hey, Cole! Whatcha doin' there? Raping my twin sister?"

"Oh shit. I'm sorry." He said to her then looked up at me. His eyes narrowed as he got off her. 

"Who are you?" She asked him. 

"He's my lunatic." He elbowed me in the side, "…of a best friend."

I quickly walked out and he followed. He was weird. That was obviously why he's a lunatic. 

"Can I ask what the hell are you doing here?"

"You have Brody talking nonstop about you. Will you shut him up?"

"Is that the only reason came here?"


He pulled me close to him. As he did, I felt my face get hot. He leaned closer and closer until his lips crashed into mine. I kissed back. Then I realized it. He stole my first kiss. 

I quickly pushed Cole away from me, causing him to fall on my bed. He smirked at me as he sat up. I was pretty sure that my face was red with embarrassment and anger. Cole just laughed at me. 

"What is wrong with you?" I asked angrily. 


"You stole my first kiss. Idiot."




Hey you guys! I know it's been awhile since I updated, but I had writers block for a bit. Well I hoped you liked this. 


Quote of the chapter: "the heart has reasons that reason does not understand" -Jaques Bossuel

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