Follow your heart 2

There is something with Lexi but what? And how will Louis react on the news? Find it out in Follow your Heart 2


1. The hospital

Lexi's P.O.V.
I called Perrie and she and Zayn were coming over to take me to the hospital.
I was scared.
And my stomach hurts.
What would happend?
I sat on my bed waiting for Perrie and Zayn.
I... I didn't know what to think.
Perrie's P.O.V.
“Zayn, come with me know” I say.
I couldn't tell him.
Not yet, he would have a heartattact.
We stepped inside the car.
“What's going on? Perrie?” he asks.
“Just shut up, were going to your little sister” I say.
I didn't mean to sound that mean.
“Relax, why are we going to her?” he asks.
“I'm sorry, I didn't ment to sound that mean” I mumble.
“It's okay, what is wrong with Lexi?” he asks.
“She... Has to go to the hospital” I mumble.
“Why, what has she done, what is it?” he asks.
“Pleas Zayn, I don't know anything, just pleas act calm” I say and look at him.
“I will” he says.
“She called me if I could take her to the hospital” I say.
“Oow, I understand it, where does she stays?” he asks.
“The Hilton hotel” I say.
“Go here to the right” he says.
I turn to the right and we arrive at the hotel.
“Thanks” I say.
We get out and Lexi just came downstairs out off the elevator.
I run to her and hug her.
“How are you?” I ask.
“Well... I feel good but I'm nervous” she says.
“It will be alright” I say and hug her.
“Where is Zayn?” she asks.
“Smoking” I say.
Zayn's P.O.V.
I wanted to see Lexi but it was the best to let her talk to Perrie first.
She walks outside with Perrie.
I hug her tight.
“How are you?” I ask.
“Nervous but good” Lexi says.
“Well, let's go then” I say.
Lexi's P.O.V.
Perrie drives, Zayn is sitting in the front next to Perrie and I'm sitting in the back.
Zayn and Perrie are holding hands.
I didn't sit straight.
My back sat against the left door.
I'm looking out of the right window.
“Where do we take her?” Zayn whispers.
“To the Viondana hospital” Perrie whispers back.
“Go here right” Zayn whispers.
“Thanks” Perrie whispers back.
I walked inside and tell the receptioniste that I arrived.
She tells Zayn to sit and wait and tells to me and Perrie to follow her.
Perrie kissed Zayn and I just kissed his cheek quickly and followed the woman.
“Hello Soph” I say while shaking Sophie's hand.
“Hello Lexi” Sophie says.
“Hello, I'm her friend Perrie” Perrie says while shakinh Sophie's hand.
“I'm Sophie, pleas sit” Sophie says.
We all sit down.
“Lexi... I don't think you know it but you might be pregnant” Sophie says.
“What if it's Niall's?” Perrie almost screamed.
“Is Niall the dad?” Sophie asks.
“Or maybe Louis” I say.
“Explain me” Sophie asks.
Sophie was like five year older than me and we talked before.
“My boyfriend was Louis, he might be the dad but I cheated on him with his best friend Niall” I explain.
“Ow... Let's do the test to know it sure, we can see if you are pregnant, we can see how long and maybe we can already see if it's a boy or a girl” Sophie says.
I nodd and go lie on a weird hospital bed.
Sophie puts some gell on my stomach and than place a weird controler on it.
I saw it once before on tv.
Perrie holds my hand while she sits next to me.
We hear a little heartbeat.
“That's your little kid, you're pregnant” Sophie says.
I smile a bit.
“For how long?” I ask.
“Six to seven weeks, who is the dad?” Sophie asks.
“Louis” Perrie says.
I nodd.
I'm happy it's Louis' but I don't know if he wants to be a dad.
“Do you wanna now if it's a girl or a boy?” Sophie asks.
I nodd.
She looks good at the screen.
“It's going to be a little boy” Sophie says.
“Aawh” Perrie says.
I smile.
I'm really speachless.
“It's now halfway septembre so around six April he is going to be born is there aren't complications” Sophie says.
“Thank you” I say and smile.
“Do you want a picture of your first echo?” Sophie asks.
“Ofcourse she wants” Perrie says.
Sophie looks for a place where we can see my boy the best.
Shs klicks on copy and gives me the picture.
She cleans my stomach.
We thank her and walk out of the room.
Zayn hugs me.
“What was it?” he asks.
I take the picture.
“It's a boy” Perrie says.
I turn my head and smile at her.
“You're pregnant? Is it from Louis of Niall?” he asks.
“I'm pregnant and it's just Lou's” I say.
“Omygosh, a little baby boy in the house” he says and hugs me happily.
“I don't know if I will keep it, I don't know if Louis wants” I say.
“He surely will, let's go home with us pleas” he asks.
“All my clothes and Iphone-changer is still there so it's fine by me” I say.
We step in the auto.
Zayn and I sit in the back.
“I don't want anyone to know it, I'll tell it when I'm ready for it” I say.
“That's good, I like the fact of a mini Louis” he says.
I smile a bit.
“Can I maybe... Feel your stomach?” he asks a bit nervous.
“Ofcourse” I say and pull my shirt up.
“I heared his heartbeat, it was so wonderfull to hear” Perrie says.
“I love him already, you're going to be uncle Zayn” I say and smile.
I place my head on his shoulder.
After five more minutes we are there.
“What if Louis see's me?” I ask when we stands for the door.
“I'll go first, look if he is downstairs” Zayn says and walks inside.
After a minute he walks outside.
“He's asleep” Zayn says.
We walk inside.
Everyone falls quiet.
“Lexi” everyone screamed.
Everyone steps up to hug me.
“Be carefull” Zayn whispers.
After I hugged everyone I decided to tell them.
“So Zayn, Perrie and I went to the hospital and...” I say.
I search in my bag to find the picture.
“I'm pregnant” I say and show them the picture.
I'm nervous of their reaction's.
“That's super, it's Louis' right?” Liam asks.
“It's Louis', the kid is now six to seven weeks old” I say.
The picture goed from person to person.
“Do you know if it's going to be a boy or a girl?” Niall asks.
“Yeah but it's a secret till Louis and I decided to keep it, abort it of let it adopt” I say.
Everyone nodd.
“I'm going to the toilet” I say and walks upstairs.
After I sat on the toilet I looked in the mirror and fixed my hair.
I look at my stomach.
It hasn't grow really but still my little baby boy is inside there.
“Lexi?” a familiar voice asks.
I look into his red watery eyes.
“Louis?” I ask.

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