Follow your heart 2

There is something with Lexi but what? And how will Louis react on the news? Find it out in Follow your Heart 2


9. presents and a perfect day

I slowly opened my eyes.
Ow... I must have fall asleep on the couch.
I look at Zayn who was still peacefully asleep.
I looked to the other couch and saw Louis and Lexi still sleeping too.
“Hello beautiful” Zayn says with his beautiful sleepy voice.
“Morning handsome” I say back.
“Did I even told you how beautiful you are?” he asks.
“Yes Zayn, you say it almost every day” I say and smile.
“You know I love you right” he says.
“You know I love you too right” I say.
I see Lexi smile.
“Lexi? Are you awake?” I ask careful while looking in her direction.
“You two are so cute together” she mumbles.
“Goodmorning little” Zayn says.
He always called his sister 'little'
“I'm going to be a mother, you're still a kid” she jokes.
She slowly stands up and walk to the kitchen.
“Want anything?” she asks.
“I'll help you” I say.
I kiss Zayn and walk to her.
Zayn sneaks over to Louis.
There is still standing a glass of water from yesterday in the table.
“Zayn don't” Lexi says but she laughs.
Zayn splashes it in Louis's face.
“Fack, Zayn” he says.
“Goodmorning Lou” she screams from the kitchen.
“Do you want a cup hot chocolate?” Zayn asks while giving Louis a towel.
“Yeah” he mumbles.
Zayn and Louis talk while Lexi and I start to make four cups of hot chocolate milk.
“What are you wearing tonight?” I ask Lexi.
“I'm wearing that pink wide dress” she says.
“Can I borrow your blue dress which you wore when Louis asked you to marry him?” I ask.
“Sure, do you want my blue heels to? They look beautiful by it” she says.
“If that's okay than yes” I say.
“Sure, I'm okay with it” she says.
She takes two glasses and I take two glasses.
“Her is your glass Lou” she says and goes sit.
I give one to Zayn and go sit on the couch between Zayn and Lexi.
Zayn's P.O.V.
She give me a glass with hot chocolate milk.
“Thanks babe” I say.
I take her hand.
She smiles at me.
“I love you” she says.
“I love you too babe” I say.
Ashley and Niall walk downstairs.
“Goodmorning” they say.
The day went so fast and everyone wanted to open the presents.
I'm so nervous.
Lexi and Louis made lasagne again and they had a lovely desert.
Louis was wearing Lexi's necklace.
Around half past eight we started with the present.
There is some christmas music in de background.
First Niall had to give all his presents, than Louis, than Ashley, than Perrie than Ashley and then I.
Niall grabs all his presents.
The first present was for me and that was the starting point of this perfect evening.
Niall bought an Addidas suit.
“Thank you so much” I say while hugging Niall.
The next present was for Perrie.
Niall bought a huge beauty packet for her and it was perfect.
She always wears make-up.
She thanked him.
I was happy to see everyone happy but I was so nervous.
Niall bought a guess bag for Lexi.
She was so happy with it.
“Thank you so much” Lexi screams while hugging Niall.
For Ashley he bought a necklace with his name.
She loved it so much.
And last but not least of this round was Louis.
Louis' P.O.V.
The last present is for me.
Well from Niall's presents.
He give me the present.
It's clothes or something.
I open it.
I start to smile.
It is a football suit for our little boy.
Tomlinson 14.
“Why 14?” I ask Niall.
“Because little Tomlinson is getting born in 2014” Niall says.
I laugh.
It's great and I love it.
Lexi likes it too.
The next person who is giving all her presents is Lexi.
Zayn is the first one who was getting his present.
He opens it and picks up a black watch.
“This is awesome” he says.
He looks at his present and finds another thing.
It's a necklace with a peace sign.
He loved his presents.
He cheered up a bit and relaxed.
The next on was Niall.
He holds the game Fifa 2014 in the air.
He smiles.
Then he grabs a kind off ball which is his present too.
It's a snowball but then with a blond haired boy who is holding a troffee 'best football player ever' and in the bottom is spelled his name 'Niall'.
“Thank you so much” he says.
He couldn't stop smiling.
The next presents are for Ashley and Perrie.
She gives the presents on the same time.
“I have the third one” Lexi says.
She has bought friendships necklaces.
Perrie and Ashley love it.
She apologize to Katie and Danielle but they didn't mind.
They seem to like Lexi.
I am the last person.
I open it and she bought a t-shirt with 'I am the best daddy in the world '
I smile at her.
We are just so perfect together.
There is a cute teddy bear with the text 'I follow my heart and found you ' on a flag.
I love her so much.
I thanked her over and over again.
This is a great evening.
Ashley's P.O.V.
It is my turn to give my presents.
The first present is for Zayn.
I bought him a snapback.
When he sees it is a snapback he happily hugs me.
The second present is for Lexi.
I bought a make-up box for her.
She loves it very much and I am happy she loves it.
The next present is for Perrie.
It is a shower package and she is really happy with it.
It was hard to find presents for everyone.
The next present is for Louis.
When he sees it he hugs me and thank me.
He says it's the awesome thing ever.
It was a snapback for his son.
Of course with me number 14.
The last present is for Niall.
I excused myself and walked outside.
My old best friend were holding Niall's present.
I lifted it inside.
“Niall, you always wanted it so now you get it” I say.
He opens de box.
“This is Jacky” I say.
He grabs the little puppy and hugs it.
He loves dogs.
It a little husky.
They listen really good and are really protecting.
Jacky feels home immediately and Niall is super happy.
Perrie's P.O.V.
It is my turn to give my presents.
The first present is for Lexi.
It are heels from Gucci.
They are turquoise.
She is so happy with the heels.
She loves heels and they match perfect but her dress.
The next present is for Louis.
It's a perfume.
Just simple from Giorgio Armani but Louis loves it.
For Niall I bought a box with food, chips, chocolate, everything.
He is so happy and eat the chocolate.
He loves eating.
Luke is walking around the room.
He is so cute.
The next present is for Ashley.
It's a fashion book so she can look to designs and design a bit self.
She is happy with it.
“Thanks” she says while hugging me.
The last present is for Zayn.
He opens the little box and smile.
It's a necklace with a guitar.
“I love it babe” he says and kiss me.
“Love you too” he says while putting it around his neck.
He smiles.
I'm happy to see him happy.
I can't imagine my life without him anymore.
He is my life now.
“My turn” Louis screams while ripping me out off my minds.
Louis' P.O.V.
It was almost Zayn's turn.
He was pretty nerves but tries to relax.
I decided to give Perrie her present first.
It's a super trash bag.
It's a new bag and the girls like it.
Well, it's a good decision because she really loves it.
The next one is Ashley.
I give her the new Roberto Cavalli.
She loves it and thanks me.
I'm so happy seeing other people happy.
The next present is for Zayn.
He needs to relax a bit.
“These is for you” I say and give him the present.
“Thanks Lou”' he says and smile.
He opens it.
“Woow, this is awesome” he says while hugging me happily.
While hugging me I whisper something.
“Relax Zayn” I say.
He smiles and gives me a nodd.
I gave him the new Addidas watch which perfectly fit by him.
Niall opens his present and it's a new football.
He gives it a little push and Luke happily runs after it.
My last present is for Lexi.
I grab the little box for her and she already smiles.
“This one is for you babe” I say.
She takes it and smiles.
She opens it.
“Thanks Lou, I love you” she says.
I put her charm bracelet around her wrist.
“Does the letters spell love or Louis?” Perrie jokes.
“Just love” I say and kiss her.
Zayn's P.O.V.
Relax Zayn.
It was my turn.
I grab al my presents.
“Louis” I say and hand him his present.
“Is it a football?” he says and rips the cadeau paper off.
“This is awesome, thanks Zayn” he says while hugging me.
“Niall” I say and hand him his present.
“Thanks” he says while opening it.
“O my gosh, these are awesome, wow thanks dude” he says while hugging me.
By every presents I get more nerves.
The next present is for Ashley.
She smiles.
“Thanks Zayn, this is perfect” she says when she sees it's a make-up set.
“Sister” I say and smile.
“Zaynie” she says and laugh.
I hand her her presents.
“It's sow cute” she screams.
I bought her a little bear with a t-shirt 'I love mommy'
“Thank you” she says while hugging me.
She smiles.
It's happy to see everyone so happy.
This day is so perfect.
“Perrie” I say and take her hand so she stand up.
I lead her to the open place for the christmas tree.
I grab her present.
“A christmas ball?” she asks.
“Yes” I say and smile.
I kneel down.
“Perrie...” I say while opening the christmas ball.
“Do you wanna marry me?” I ask.
Tears form in her eyes.
“Zayn... Of course!! I love you” she says and kisses me.
I pull the ring around her finger.
I hugg her.
“Love you to babe” I say.
Everyone claps.
It makes me smile.
Everyone congratulates us.
Lexi's P.O.V.
“There is loveeeee in the air” I scream.


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