Follow your heart 2

There is something with Lexi but what? And how will Louis react on the news? Find it out in Follow your Heart 2


7. it's almost christmas

It's now...
I look at my iphone and see...
Today is it 20 december.
I has already snowed a few days and there is snow everywhere.
In tree's, on the streets, over your car.
Still I like the snow.
Liam went begin december to his home, he promised to be with his family with christmas.
We decided that someone, and that someone was me, has to buy one present for Harry and Liam.
There was a point, we couldn't just forget them.
Harry went to home because his mother really misses him and the rest of the family too.
My family was here with Louis, Zayn, Perrie, Niall and Ashley.
And ofcourse little Louis.
Because it was a boy and we still haven't a name for him I sometimes call him little Louis.
I have already my present for Louis so I only need six more presents to buy.
I had already tons of idea's.
Not really tons but I want for Perrie, Ashley and me a friendship thing.
Like a necklace or a ring or a bracelet.
I miss Harry and Liam, it's a little bit sad that they can't be here.
Louis and Zayn went to talk with their manager.
Everyone had their jobs back.
They were sometimes recording songs and do practice things.
I went almost never out.
I watched a lot off movies, sat on my laptop a lot, sometimes I looked for weddingsdresses and ofcourse shoes too.
I looked for theme's too, the beach, the wood, I just wanted a special and beautifull place.
Sometimes I went to the mall for pregnantcy clothes because my stomach was really fat.
I had my days when I felt really misserable.
It was weird.
We had some birtdays the last time too.
There was so much happend in suchs a short time
Liam's birtday was on 29 august, he is already twenty
Niall's birtday was on 13 septembre, he is now twenty too.
I was already nineteen almost twenty.
I was a year younger than my brother Zayn and his birtday is on 12 january.
My birtday is on 16 january.
Harry's birtday is on 1 february, he is the youngest.
Zayn met Perry just for her birtday so we didn't really celebrated it.
Her birtday is on 10 July.
Ashley's birtday is in may but she isn't born in 1993 as almost everyone, she is still 19 and next year she will be twenty.
I forgot Louis' birtday.
His birtday is 24 december.
I haven't got a present.
I already have my christmas presents for him but I forgot his birtday.
I run downstairs.
“Is there something wrong?” Perrie asks.
“Yes” I say.
She is the only one who is away.
I go sit in front of her on the kitchen table.
It's more like a bar actually.
“I forgot Louis' birtday, I think everyone forgot” I say.
“When is it?” she asks.
“24 decembre” I say.
“Shit, that's fast” she mumbles.
“What is fast?” Zayn asks and walks downstairs.
“Louis' birtday” Perrie says.
“Shit, it's this tuesday already” he says.
“What do we need to buy? I really don't know anything” I say.
“We should buy a... Louis is just like a kid... Maybe a video game?” Zayn asks.
“It's a good idea but Louis is very mature too and only a video game isn't enough” I say.
“Maybe you can buy something for him, a necklace or something, maybe a bracelet with your boys name or something with a special meaning” Perrie says.
“Louis likes football, all of us do but maybe you can buy a necklace with a football” Zayn says.
“It sounds expensive but today I'm going to buy christmas presents with Louis and ...” I say.
“We will buy it for you, were going to shop today too and we can buy our present too, we will buy something for us and Ashley and Niall to give... And some decoration” Perrie says.
“That's great, thank you” I say.
“What is great?” Louis asks who walks downstairs.
“Perrie had an idea, she maybe wanted to take me to the cinema tomorrow” I say.
“Is that a good idea? You can watch a movie here too” he says.
“Yeah you're right” I say.
“It's okay by me, we will stay here” Perrie says and give me a wink.
I kissed Louis goodmorning which I hadn't done before and we walked upstairs ti dress up.
Perrie was a good liar so Louis probably won't now anything.
Louis and I shopped christmas presents all afternoon.
We ate by a little cafe around three o'clock.
Perrie called me and said she had the necklace.
She had choice for the colout silver.
I hoped he liked it but Zayn said it was perfect.
Around six o'clock we went home.
Perrie and I decided to pack all the presents in.
She showed me the necklace.
Two weeks before Niall, Louis and Zayn decorated the christmas tree.
Harry and Liam would stay away from the first week of december till three january.
I loved my present for Perrie, Ashley and I.
I bought a necklace with a heart with diamonds.
For Perrie, Ashley and Lexi.
I wrote on it.
Like it wasn't from me.
On the next present I spelled.
For Louis.
For Zayn I finally found a good present too.
I bought a necklace with a peace sign and a watch.
I liked it.
The watch was black and the peace sign was black too but the necklace was from a kind of leather.
On his packet I wrote.
For Zaynie.
I laughed when I wrote it down.
For Niall I wanted to buy something with a football too so I bought the game fifa 2014, because it was almost 2014 and it was the newest of the newest kinds.
I bought a sort of snowball too but then with a blond haired boy and a trophy for best football player ever.
On his present I wrote.
For Nialler.
Perrie was already done when I was done.
We placed all the presents under the tree.
Louis' and Zayn presents were there lying too.
Ashley and Niall came downstairs and lied the presents under the tree too.
“Are there... Does Louis has...” he asks.
I cover his mounth.
“Shh, it's for his birtday remember, we have already all the presents” I whisper.
Niall nods.

It's now 21 december and the boys wanted a boy night so we decided to have a girl night.
The boys left around two o'clock.
It's now seven o'clock.
Perrie, Ashley and I am doing the dishes.
“He's kicking me, he is a really football player” I say and laugh.
“He's just like his dad, he loves football and wants to be forever young” Perrie jokes.
“Niall and Zayn love football too, the boys play it a lot” Ashley says.
“I'm nervous... What if something goes wrong? What if I can handle the pain?” I say.
“You'll be okay and everything will be alright” Ashley says.
I wanted to walk to the cupboard which is standing in the room.
I walk out off the kitchen.
I let drop the glasses.
I grab my stomach.
“Lexi... Lexi are you okay?” Perrie and Ashley both says.
“My stomach” I say.
“God were going to the hospital” Perrie says.
“I'm okay” I say.
“You're not” Ashley says.
“I am just...” I say.
“Pleas... Lexi I'm scared” Perrie says almost starting to cry.
I was already crying off the pain.
“Okay” I say.
I walk to the door.
I'm sitting in the front next to Perrie, she drives like cray.
Sophie emidiatly runs over to us.
“Come in, whats wrong?” she asks.
“Her stomach hurts” Perrie says.
“Let's do an echo” she says.
I lie down on the bed, she puts the yells on again and grab the cortroler.
“Everything looks great except that...” Sophie says.
“Well... What?” Perrie asks.
“He grows really fast and want to come out... Not now, that would be too early but maybe a month to early and that can have some complications” she says.
I start to cry and Perrie hugs me.
“It will be alright” Perrie says.
Sophie cleaned my stomach again and we went to home.
This time I sat in the back.
Well... I was lying.
I cried and Ashley tells me that everything will be alright.
When we got home Perrie told me that I really needed to call Louis.
I grab my iphone.
I dial Louis.
“Hello with Louis” he says.
“Hi... Hi Lou” I stutter.
“I can't...” I whisper to Perrie who is sitting next to me.
Ashley was showering.
“You can... Come on” she says.
“Lexi? Lexi, are you still there?” Louis asks.
“Yeah, I'm here” I say.
My voice breaks.
Tears role down over my cheek.
Perrie holds my hand.
“What's wrong babe? Do we need to go home? Are you okay?” he asks.
“I'm okay just wanted to hear your voice but I gotta go, bye” I say and hang up.
“Why did you do that?” Perrie asks.
“Because I feel terrible, I feel ill, I feel broken... I don't know it anymore” I say.
“Just go lie down” she says.
I grab a pillow and lay my head on it.
Perrie placed a blanket over me.
She sits next to me in a chair holding my hand.
“You know... I'll help you with everything” she says.
“I'm just so scared” I say.
The door slams open and the boys run in.
Louis runs torwards me.
“What happend?” he asks.
“I'm okay Louis” I say.
Perrie gives me a look.
“The baby...” I say and sit right up.
“What? What is it with him?” he asks.
Perrie walks with Zayn and Niall upstairs.
To give us some privacy and tell them too.
“He grows really fast” I say and smile.
Louis takes my hand.
“But?” he asks.
“He wants to go out” I say.
“And? When?” he asks.
“He is going to be a month to early... Well that's what we think” I say.
“Who is we?” he asks.
“I had a huge pain so we went to the hospital” I say.
“Awh, babe, it will be alright” he says and kisses me.
I nodd.
“Sure” I say and smile.
“I have the perfect name” I say.
“Tell me” he says.
I whisper the name to him.
“Yeah, we will pick that, that is a perfect name” he says.

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