Follow your heart 2

There is something with Lexi but what? And how will Louis react on the news? Find it out in Follow your Heart 2


6. I want to marry her

Zayn's P.O.V.

I walked downstairs and Lexi and Louis are sitting on the couch, hugging.
“Can I talk to you?” I say and walk to them.
“Sure, go sit Zayn” Lexi says.
I sit in front of them.
“You know... It's now the begin december and I was thinking of some christmas presents and I was thing of a present for Perrie” I say and take a deep breath.
“And what is it? You talk to us because you need our help I guess” Lexi says.
“It's maybe... Well... I know...” I say.
“Zayn, just tell it” Louis says.
“I want to ask her to marry me” he says.
Lexi slowly stands up.
She was always slow and carefull since she was pregnant.
“Zayn...” she says.
Louis and I stand up too.
“That's great” she says and hugs me.
I hug her back.
Louis smiles at me.
“It's a great idea” Louis says.
Lexi had slept bad tonight so she went upstairs and went to sleep.
Louis and I talked about the plan.

Lexi's P.O.V.

It was great that Zayn was going to ask Perrie to marry him.
I tought of the feeling of their wedding, Louis and I, our wedding and ofcourse our little boy.

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