Follow your heart 2

There is something with Lexi but what? And how will Louis react on the news? Find it out in Follow your Heart 2


2. I need to talk to you

“Have you been crying?” I ask.
“No...” he says.
“Louis, I know you” I say.
“What... Why are you here?” he asks.
“I... I called Perrie, we went somewhere and then we went to here” I say.
“Why is everyone so happy? I heared Niall scream happily” he says.
“Uhm... Well... I... We...” I say.
I see a tear roles over Louis cheek.
I step one step towards Louis and wipe the tear away.
“I'm sorry” he says.
His voice is broken.
“I don't want to live without you” he says.
“I left you on a horrible way... I... I...” he says.
“Wait a minute, go to your room, I'll be back in a minute” I say.
I run downstairs.
“Are you okay?” Perrie asks.
“Yeah” I mumble.
I search for the photo in my bag.
I find the picture and run upstairs again.
I put the picture in my pocket so Louis won't see it in the first place.
“What did you do?” he asks while I walk into his room.
“Nothing” I say.
“Can you tell me why everyone is so happy, I want to be happy too” he says.
I see another tear role down his cheek.
I wipe it away again.
“I just... I want you back” he says.
“Louis...” I say.
I feel my eyes getting watery.
“Before we try it again I need to talk to you... I have to say that... I...” I say and start to cry.
Louis sits a bit closer and hugs me.
I slowly pull the photo out off my pocket and stop the hug.
I give him the picture.
“Wait... Is it mine? Of Niall's? Am I going to be a dad, and you a mom?” he asks.
He is shocked by the news.
It wasn't exactly the best way to tell him.
Actually I told nothing.
“Yours, you're going to be a dad... Of our child but I can get an abortion” I say.
He hugs me really tight.
“I want to keep it, I want to be together again” he says.
I start to cry harder.
“I've never thought we would be together again and... Have a kid” I say.
He looks into my eyes and kisses me softly.
“Is it going to be a boy or a girl?” he asks.
“A baby boy, were having a boy” I say while holding his hand.
“Seriously, a little Louis?” he asks.
“Yes” I say.
I smile at him.
“I never should have left you” he says.
“It's okay, we're now together again right?” I ask.
“Ofcourse babe” he says.
“We went to the hospital and there we found out, I heared his heartbeat, it's a fantastic sound, around six april he's getting born” I say.
“The next time I'll go with you” he say.
I lie down on his bed and Louis spoons me.
I love lying this way.
Both of his hand are on my stomach.
“I love you” Louis says.
“I love you too” I say.
“Remember it all started that you guys played a game and kidnapped me” I say.
He laughs.
“You found me and Zayn, two good things and you found five more good friends” he says.
“I know” I say.
I close my eyes and fall asleep.

Louis' P.O.V.

I'm going to be a dad.
I should ask her a to be engaged with me.
I don't know how you have to do that but I want to ask it.
I slowly step out bed kissing her forehead for one last time.
I slowly walked downstairs.
I realized I wasn't wearing a shirt but I didn't mind.
“Lou, what are you doing downstairs? Where is Lexi?” Zayn asks.
“She is sleeping, it's good for the baby you know” I say.
“Did she told you?” Perrie asks.
“Yeah but I want to ask you a favor” I say.
I sit between Perrie and Zayn, Lexi has probably sat there.
“Because Lexi and I, we are having a baby...” I say.
“So you're together again?” Harry asks interrupting me.
“Yeah, but because were having a baby I'm going to ask her to marry me... Well that is what I want” I say.
Everyone is quiet.
“Wh... What do you... You guys think of it?” I stutter.
“It's great” Niall says jumping into my arms.
Niall goes sit again.
Zayn hugs me.
“Pleas be carefull with my little sister” he says.
“I will” I say.
Everyone talked about me marrying Lexi.
“But guys... One, don't talk that loud, she can't know anything, two, who wants to help me with, I need a ring and a time when I will ask it and everything and I'm so nervous” I say.
“I'll help you, I know my little sister” Zayn says.
“Thanks Zayn” I say.
“I want to help to, she really trust me and I'm kinda like her best friend” Perrie says.
“That's good” I say.
“Well, let's help me to, I helped my brother with his wedding” Niall says.
“That's good, Niall, Zayn and Perrie, thank you and if I need anything else I will ask you” I say.
“I'm going to bed, can we talk tomorrow?” I ask.
“Sure” Niall and Zayn says on the same time.
“Ofcourse Lou” Perrie says.
With a smile on my face I walk upstairs.
“It's so sweet, he is going to marry, if she says yes but ofcourse she does” Niall says.
“Were going to bed too” Zayn says.
I guess he know takes her hand and walks upstairs.
Shit, I'm on the stairs listening to their conversation.
I run upstairs to my room.
Exacly on time.
I lay next to Lexi spooning her.
I kiss her forehead as I fall asleep.

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