Follow your heart 2

There is something with Lexi but what? And how will Louis react on the news? Find it out in Follow your Heart 2


4. Dinner with golden rings

I woke up at eleven o'clock.
Louis wasn't with me in bed.
I walked downstairs.
I didn't mind I was in my pyjama.
“Goodmorning” Perrie says while smilling.
“Goodmorning” I say and hug her.
When someone is happy they can make me happy.
“Where are the boys?” I ask.
“Niall and Ashley went to somewhere, I don't know but just to be together and Zayn, Louis, Liam and Harry went to the city I guess” she says.
We decided to have a lazy day till tonight.
Around four o'clock we started making ready.
Perrie wanted to make me up.
She puts some fake eye lashes on and with some extra mascara.
She covers my eye lids with the same blue as my dress.
She puts some lippgloss on my lips.
She did her own make-up.
I put the dress on with the heels.
Louis, Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall and Ashley came home to.
The boys were in Zayn's room.
Ashley came to us.
We did ashleys make-up too.
We styled my blond hair.
I saw Louis in his pack.
It looks him so sexy.
“You look beautifull” he says to me.
Everyone told me I looked beautifull.
I just told it back to everyone because they all looked great.
We went to the restaurant.
I sit next to Louis and Perrie.
Next to Perrie is Zayn.
Then there is a wall.
Niall sits in front of Louis.
Ashley sits in front of me.
Harry sits in front of Perrie and Liam sits in front of Zayn.
We orderd and ate.
After the dessert Louis was getting pretty nervous.
The most people were gone so it was a bit quiet.
Louis takes my hand so I stand up.
I didn't know what was going on.
“Dear Lexi, we know each other already for a while and I'm really in love with you, we're now going to have a child, I want to make it official so...” he says and kneels down.
I cover my mounth and tears form in my eyes.
“So my lovely Lexi, do you wanna marry me?” Louis asks while pulling out a little box with a beautifull ring in it.
“Louis... Ofcourse I wanna marry you, ofcourse” I say.
He stands up and hugs me.
I kiss him.
He slowly puts the ring around mg finger.
I didn't even looked at the others who are clapping and screaming happily.
“I'm engaged” I scream.
Perrie and Ashley hugs me first.
Zayn hugs me and tells me the best.
I hug everyone else and they're all happy for me.
I hug Louis again.
“When did you decided to ask this?” I ask.
“Two days ago” Louis says and smile.
The night ended perfect and around half past one we went home.
Around two o'clock I lied next to Louis in bed.
“The ring is perfect” I say.
“Because a perfect girl is wearing it” he says.
“Louis, just one thing, can we wait after the pregnancy?” I ask.
“You don't wanna marry with a baby in you tummy” he says.
“I just want to be skinny and wear my dream dress and not a ugly pregnantcy dress” I say.
“I understand you, it's perfect to wait” he says and with that we fall asleep.


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