Bubblegum <3



1. meeeee!!!


I felt around on my dresser, desperately grabbing for my alarm clock. 


"shut the f*ck up!!" I yelled at it, slamming down the button.

Well, you probably want to know who I am, right? my names Avalon Green, I go to longshore secondary, my best friend is Tiegan Roberts and I love stripes!!! I have wavy brown hair, waist length, blue/green eyes and im quite tall... yes im going to admit this, and im not proud  of it, but I am probably the most popular girl in the school. I don't try to be or anything, it's just come naturally. some people may say im blessed, but I personally think im cursed. I'd much rather be who I am at home. sweats, baggy t-shirts, ponytails and eat whatever. but no, I have to be: skinny jeans, tight tops, high skirts, high heels, diet and perfect flowing hair. both me and Tiegan would much rather be who we both are at home. its not her im trying to impress and I wouldn't exactly call it impressing anyway, more of a living to standards. standards that the slightly lower populars make. the only reason I follow along with this is because I don't want the schools bullies, Emma, Millie and Hannah, becoming the most popular. I actually don't want to thinkof what might happen if they were... you could also say they're the school sluts. I don't know how Hannah has a boyfriend!!! oh wait, I know why. it's because he's f*ckiLouis Tomlinson 


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