One Shot (jariana love story)

well im just a girl living a normal life untill the gun shoots and i know one shot has started well basicly during one shot they are three rules
1) you get a pistol with one bullet so only one shot
2) you fight your battel no helping or borrowing bullets
3) no teaming up
what happens when i brake all of the rules to fight for love?
(inspiered by the hunger games)


4. What was I thinking?

Ariana's POV 
"You know what don't worry about it we should probably get going."
 I said with disappointment clear in my voice dont blame me I won't be happy when I'm getting hanged for not obeying the rules. 
"Yeah I guess we should get going,"
Now dissapointment clear in his voice uh oh I don't want to see the angry him I experienced that last year and it wasn't good.

We left the house and didn't bother locking the door knowing we're going to die. I saw the tree house thing and there was no way I was going to be able to climb up there, well this next year is going to literally be hell.
"We're here!" 
Jai said shaking me out of my thoughts 
"Yeah umm Jai how do we climb up there?" 
I questioned it was like as high as the tallest tree and I'm afraid of heights what on earth was going through my head when we made this.
"Shit, I didn't think of that this is going to take a while and we have like five minutes till one shot starts."
Yep doomed we are they will catch us and even if we get up how on earth will we get our bags up 
"Umm how do we get our bags up there? "
Again another question by me.
 "Just try getting up we have to focus on us first!"
He replied annoyed probably sick of my questions well a lot of people are.
So I like literally went Tarzan mode and somehow got up there never again. 
"We made it" 
Jai screamed out and started doing his happy dance.

A/N) yes I know I haven't updated in forever so I'm going to put some drama in the next chapter haha I'll give you options either Jai and ariana have a fight or Jai gets taken somewhere because people found out they teamed up 

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