One Shot (jariana love story)

well im just a girl living a normal life untill the gun shoots and i know one shot has started well basicly during one shot they are three rules
1) you get a pistol with one bullet so only one shot
2) you fight your battel no helping or borrowing bullets
3) no teaming up
what happens when i brake all of the rules to fight for love?
(inspiered by the hunger games)


2. Just a simple goodbye?

Ariana's POV

I looked Jai in the eyes I could see we were both hurting but what could we do? If we brake the rules they would kill us. I felt hot tears running down my cheeks but they didn't make it all the way down my face, as Jai had wiped them away. He sat me in his lap and started softly singing 

"I remember tears streaming down your face."

wait that's it why'd he stop I'm probaly sure that's the  last time ill hear him sing.

"Ariana granda I'm in love with you and one shot can't pull as apart they can't do that I don't want to say goodbye please baby don't leave me"

Jai at this point was crying at the statement he made we hugging tightly and I felt tears on my shoulder I pulled away and whispered in his ear 

"Jai I love you to and I'm deeply in love with you but we can't do anything I don't want to leave you but we're nothing to the big people our statement won't matter I will always love you, you are my last love"

I finished with speaking with tears making there way down my face I looked at Jai and his face was in his hands I pulled his hands down and lifted his chin up so we were looking deep into each others eyes I only saw reddens in his eyes that's all I saw we were both so scared of what was about happen that's when we both leaned in a our lips met I felt his plump lips against mine . I was sad, this was going to be one of our last kisses. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he put his arms around my waist.We pulled away and he said 

"that's it I guess just a simple goodbye?"

he said as he got up off of my bed 

"wait!" I screamed out to Jai

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