But I Love You

this is about Justin Bieber who is dating a really sweet girl named Hannah but but when he was auditioning back up dancers he fell in love with a girl named Danielle she absolutely perfect there's just one thing she hates Justin she just makes him feel different than Hannah she gives him butterflies he has to choose between one of them but should he give up Hannah for someone who might not like him.


8. whats this


Danis POV**

I woke up to the bus topped and no one on. I got up and grabbed my phone from under my pillow (thats where i always keep it) but instead of grabbing a phone i got a note in my hand it said:

Hello Danielle, 

i saw what you were doing to justin yesterday, if you want justin to say with you i sugest you stop. He love me and not you 

see you soon :)

Kisses, H 

PS: if you want your phone back get behind the stage today at 4 and dont tell anyone.. 

ok whats this i ran trying to find Justin i but I cant tell him this. As i was running I saw someone who looked vaguely familar, but i jut let it pass me. i found Justin opening his door to his dressing room.

"Justin I was looking every where for you"

"Well here i am" 

and he kissed me I couldn't help but kiss back 

"so Dani does mean were ya know dating now" 

" haha i guess so babe" 

i felt someone glare at me. I looked behind me 

It was the girl I saw earlier i asked justin who it was 

"who i that girl" 

"which one" 

"the blonde one"

"oh shes my opening act, apparently she songs like an angel" 

" why does she look so familiar" 

" oh well she kinda was the girl i broke up with in front of the bus"

all i could think was WHATT!?! YOUR EX-GIRLFRIEND JUST SAW US MAKEOUT!!!! 

" oh" i said 

" well I guess you better go practice wih the other dancers for alaylm" 

"ok bye" 

I went to go practice after practice was over i watched Hannah sing she was amazing. 

after i went to Justins dressing room to talk to him. 

" hey baby" Justin said 

"hey! that girl Hannah is amazing"

"Oh really well thats good" 

"yeah so what do you wanna do"  

"I think you know" he said coming over to me. pushing me onto the coach. 

"I think I have an idea" 

he leaned on me and kissed me. I kissed back of course he licked my lip for entrance which i granted and our tongues were fighting each other it was becoming pretty heated he picked me up and put me on the bed type big coach thing. He went on top of me and he put his hands up my shirt..

 (Speaker) Justin please come to the stage to practice 

(justin) ' oh shit its four i gotta go"

" oh ok babe see ya later" 

" byee" 

its four ok i guess i gotta go get my phone back stage... 



A/N: hey ya'll do you like this?? 

what do you think about dani and justin dating? 

what do you think will happen back stage? 

tell me what you think 

any ideas? comment them PLEASE i need ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if i dont get feedback i wont update so give me feedback please!!

Bye beauties 

~ iminlovewithbieber <3


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