But I Love You

this is about Justin Bieber who is dating a really sweet girl named Hannah but but when he was auditioning back up dancers he fell in love with a girl named Danielle she absolutely perfect there's just one thing she hates Justin she just makes him feel different than Hannah she gives him butterflies he has to choose between one of them but should he give up Hannah for someone who might not like him.


6. um awkward

*Dani's POV* 

Justin just got up and left so I looked out the window and saw him talking to this girl, wait is that hiss girlfriend?! no it cant be, and why am i so jealous.


Justin got back on the bus so i asked him ''Who was that'' he answered ''my ex girlfriend hannah, i just broke up with her.'' ''well she looked mad, why did you dump her?'' ''because i like someone else'' he answered with a smile on his face staring at me awkward. that ended our conversation and we went back to watching tv.  3 more hours on this bus with Justin! i'm ok with that.


Me and Justin were talking and laughing ok i really like him! 


*Justins POV*

oh my goodness, Dani is perfect her face, her body, her hair, her eyes, oh those eyes!! 

but i have no clue what to do do i tell her how i feel do I make a move i dont know... 

I feel Dani staring at me oh my doe she like me too!? okay I'm just gonna tell her. I turned to her and looked her in the eyes and said ''Dani..." i froze ''i umm your really sweet'' ughh why didn't i do it! its fine a still have a the whole tour. 

I got a text from hannah 

Hannah: hey babe xx 

Justin: umm hi but don't call me that.

Hannah: why not :( 

Justin: cuz i dont like you like that..

Hannah: uh Whatever! 

i just couldn't take it anymore i had to tell dani how I feel, So I didn't even think and I kissed her and she was surprised for moment but then she kissed back yess!!!! sparks flew through my body the second our lips touched. we kissed for about 10 seconds then she pulled away.

* end of POV*

They stopped kissing and Dani leaned her head on Justin's shoulder and Justin kissed her forehead.

after about 15 minutes Dani kissed Justin again she just couldn't help it, she liked him so much they were kissing for a few minutes and Justin licked her bottom lip asking for entranced to her mouth which she granted and i explored her mouth. Dani moved down to kissing his neck and jawline, and then she pulled away and pulled away and then they both went to take a quick nap since they bus stopped in an hour to their first stop.





are dani and justin gonna become a couple? 


Sorry it took me a while and i wont write unless i get at least 2 requests to write more 

Love you guysss!!!!

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