But I Love You

this is about Justin Bieber who is dating a really sweet girl named Hannah but but when he was auditioning back up dancers he fell in love with a girl named Danielle she absolutely perfect there's just one thing she hates Justin she just makes him feel different than Hannah she gives him butterflies he has to choose between one of them but should he give up Hannah for someone who might not like him.


4. Tour

*Justins POV*

Danielle I love her she is absolutely amazing wait... Hannah! what do i do?... shit.


we went to go talk to Danielle and her parents about the tour. Were leaving in two days! I saw her walk in she is so beautiful. I don't know what to do.. We talked about the tour when were leaving and how long shes only going on the North America part of the tour.


* two days later *

*Danielle's POV*


we went to see what buses were on. I'm on a bus with the three other girl dancers, Mia, Maddy and Emily.


I went outside to see everything else and I bumped into Justin He's so hot.. STOP IT DANIELLE!! YOU HATE HIM. He smiled and said ''Hi!'' I said hi back. and we had a quick conversation and he asked if i wanted to come back with him to his bus. I said 'no' because i really don't want  to spend time with him but i just said ''I need to go back to my bus sorry'' he frowned and walked away.


i walked back to my bus just Mia was there we talked to get to know each other she was from Florida which is cool because I am too.


I walked outside and yet again Justin was there I tried to go back up to my bus i think i might start to like him so I don't want to talk to him so I can really like him, but before i could even turn around and screamed ''Danielle!!  Dani!!'' aww he gave me a nickname DANI STOPPP! I turned around and he practically begged me to come on his bus so I agreed.


We got onto the bus and no one else was there so we just awkwardly sat there until he said ''umm are you excited to start the tour?'' ''Yeah'' i answered.


*Justins POV*

I'm so glad i don't have to share my bus with anyone so its just me and her. ''So Dani who is on your bus'' fuck I called her Dani does she think I'm a creep now but she smiled yay maybe she thinks its cute. She said ''The other girl dancers''


Then, the bus started to move. shit! 5 hours on the bus no stops..



A/N if you don't ask for new chapters i wont do them so ask for them :)

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