But I Love You

this is about Justin Bieber who is dating a really sweet girl named Hannah but but when he was auditioning back up dancers he fell in love with a girl named Danielle she absolutely perfect there's just one thing she hates Justin she just makes him feel different than Hannah she gives him butterflies he has to choose between one of them but should he give up Hannah for someone who might not like him.


5. Oh No

*Allys POV*


We were just awkwardly sitting there and then the bus started to move and after the bus moves there are no stops, 5 hours, no stops..


me and Justin both looked at each other, what are we going to do?! We decided to watch tv but the whole time I felt him staring at me ..


Justin finally said ''Can i have your number?'' ''sure'' I said. okay maybe I am started to like him just a little okay a lot but he is completely different than what I thought he was. I gave him my phone and he gave me his I put my number in and my name Dani :) he put his name as Justin <3, aww


When he gave me back my phone he said with a smile ''you can call me whenever if you need me at 3 in the morning and I'll answer''


well this is kind of good we have time to bond and maybe we could be friends.


He asked if I hate him i said i used to but know that i sort of got to know you your really sweet and i like you. he smiled and looked at the tv


I was looking at hi m for a while but then i looked away. He asked me if we could be friends and i said ''YES!!" and again he smiled, his smile is adorable.


*Justins POV*

''YES!!'' she said with a giant smile on her face. yes. but what about hannah...?

Then a got a text from Hannah

Hannah: Hey Justin I miss you xxxx

Justin: I miss you too :)

Hannah: I have a surprise ;)

Justin: What is it?

Hannah: look out side

i walked over to the window and i saw Hannah and she waved i smiled but shit, I don't even like Hannah anymore..


I walked outside to say hi to her i hugged her but i tried not to do anything that a boyfriend would do. I like Dani not her, i like her as a friend but that is it. I'll jut tell her.


I was with her and i said ''hey I've meaning to tell you but i don't really like you as a girlfriend anymore I'm so sorry but i don't think its going to work'' she frowned and stormed of. She didn't even seem sad just really mad. Now I can like Dani and not worry about Hannah.




A/N OOoooOOoOoOOOOOOOOooooohhhh

will Hannah get revenge on Dani or Justin?

Will Dani want to go out with Justin?

i wont write for about a week or a week and a half so sorry and remember i wont update unless you ask for new chapters :)




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