Catch the bullet (Liam Payne, Niall horan fan fiction

Dagmar and her best friend Laura are two lucky girls who have meet and greet tickets to one directions concert!!. Finally a chance to meet Liam and Niall. They can't wait. But in the middle of the meet and greet hate towards the boys takes its toll. Haters with guns can be a real buzz kill! ------------ I do have to say that the beginning of the story is kinda shitty. This is my first movella, but trust me it gets better with the chapters! :)


50. Win him back

Laura's POV


The picture of Dagmar kissing some other boy is all over the internet now. Dagmar's twitter and instagram have been blown up with hate messages. I still don't believe Dagmar cheeted but the picture says enough.

"Dagmar, you have to get up now." I said knocking on her door. No response. "Come on, it's already 5 PM and you have been in bed since 10 last night. You have to eat something." I tried again, but there wasn't even the softest sound. It's a good thing this apartment has the same kind of roof thingy as Dan Humprey's in Gossip Girl because now I can sneak in and feed her.

Once arrived at Dagmar's window I opened the curtains. I climbed in closing the urtains again. It took a while for my eyes to adjust at the darkness, when they did I could see Dagmar's silhouette sitting on the bed. Hands wrapped around her legs, chin resting on her knees.

"Dagmar?" I whispered. She didn't move a muscle. I sighed. "I brought you some food." I said laying the plate with some fried eggs in front of her. She looked at it a second before pushing it away and taking in her old position again.

"Have you talked to Liam yet?" I asked, her eyes got even more sad if that' een possible. She had al red and puffy eyes from crying. I looked around her room. The only light we had was from Dagmar's iPhone just in her  eye reach. Her homescreen was filled with twitter and instagram messages. I turned it around looking back at Dagmar.

I sighed "So you haven't talked to Liam?" She shook her head lightly, almost unnoticable.

"You should talk to him, confince him it wasn't you."

And again she mumbled the only words she had said since the whole fight. "It wasn't me! I swear it wasn't me!"

I nodded, I know that honey. But Liam doesn't so you have to go tell him that." She lifted her head.

"Go away" Dagmar whispered.

"No, not unless you go with me." I said being my stubborn me.

She sighed and shok her head. "No." Her weak voice said.

"You'll have to come out eventually." I pointed out to her.

"No, I'll stay here untill I die. No please go." She whispered I was about to discus with her but then I saw her exhausted eyes and I left the room.

"You won't get back together with Liam if  you stay in bed all day. Try to talk to him, for me but especially for you! Win him back!" I said before closing the door.


Liam's POV


Anger is still running through my veins, so I decided to go for a run. It's a great way to turn all that anger into adrealine. I grabbed my Phone seeing I had a text from Dagmar.


To : Liam.    From : Dagmar

Liam, please read this! I swear to god that I didn't do it! It wasn't me. Please believe me. Can I come over sometime soon. I know you don't want to see me, but please. We need to talk!


No xx'es at the end of the text, no I love you. Just some words that remind me of the terrible situation I'm in.


To : Dagmar.    From : Liam

Photo's don't Iie, they are not like you.


My finger hang above the send button, but instead of hitting that I locked my Phone. Let's just clear my head first. I grabbed my earphones and walked out the door, this was my escape from all te stuff going on . The time of the week where I don't have to think about anything else then the lyrics of my favourite songs.

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