Catch the bullet (Liam Payne, Niall horan fan fiction

Dagmar and her best friend Laura are two lucky girls who have meet and greet tickets to one directions concert!!. Finally a chance to meet Liam and Niall. They can't wait. But in the middle of the meet and greet hate towards the boys takes its toll. Haters with guns can be a real buzz kill! ------------ I do have to say that the beginning of the story is kinda shitty. This is my first movella, but trust me it gets better with the chapters! :)


14. We can't be together

Jessica's POV

I totally forgot the time so I had to rush back to my department. My supervisor was pissed of at me because I went away without telling him. I tried to excuse myself but that only made it worse, he got beyond mad. I get it, I really do and it definitely won't happen again! I made the poor Ms. Scradwoh wait for me for over 70 minutes! I felt really terrible so I walked over to her room to tell her that I'm really sorry.

"Ms. Scradwoh?" I said as I knocked on her door. I didn't hear anything so I knocked again. "Hello?" "Yes dear? Please come in." A cracky old voice said. She always is so understand-full and nice to me, so I mostly tell her everything what's going on in my life. I walked in and said. "I'm so so sorry Ms. Scradwoh! I really am. I just got caught up in something and I forgot all about you and the time." "It's okay dear. You're here now. Tell me about what happened. It's probably more interesting then my life."

I smiled and began at the beginning, when I found Dagmar. Then to the part where I met the boys. "I swear! I've never known of one direction before tonight. I mean I heard of them but that's all. There would have been millions of girls who would have wanted to be me tonight." I laugh and she smiles at me. "How where the boys? My granddaughter loves them, can you get me an autograph?" "Sure! Everything to make you and, Shadow was it right, happy. You can tell her that the boys are really nice! Much nicer then I thought they would be, and not even close to being arrogant. They were also extremely funny. I haven't had a good laugh like that in a long time. After a while I noticed that Zayn was staring at me, not once real quick but like the whole time. It was a bit creepy but I didn't mind. He is so handsome! I really like him, but I could never date him. He has so many fans, I know that I would get a lot of hate messages if we started dating."

I sigh and look at Ms. Scradwoh.  She's so strong and brave. She always knows what to do. Her husband died last year, he had a terminal cancer, and now she has the same disease. Though she's never sad, she's just always happy, and cheerful, and nice to people. She makes the world seem like a better place. I really love her, she's my favourite patient, and she had become a true friend. I spend everyday as much time with her as possible, so I know a lot about her and she knows almost everything what's to know about me.

"Darling, if you are in love with someone you shouldn't ignore that just because you're afraid of what others might think. Take a deep breath and dive in to it." "Thank you Ms. Scradwoh but he hasn't even asked me out yet." She looked at me with love in her eyes "Trust me Jessica, he will" I nodded thankfully and changed the subject.

"How was the bingo tonight? Did you meet some hot guys" I asked her with a wink. "No.. There are no hot guys in this hospital" she pouts. "But I thought you think Albert is hot." "Ugh, that man is even too old for me and I'm 89." We both laugh and I kiss her forehead wishing her goodnight. When I turn around I see Zayn standing there smiling at me.

"You are really sweet." I grin and hear Ms. Scradwoh get up immediately  "So this is the young man you told me about Jessica?" She shrieks with her eyes wide open filled with excitement. I laugh "Yeah, this is Zayn." I look at him. God he's hot. "Darling would you mind taking a photo of me and Zayn, at least if you want to?" She looks at Zayn. "My granddaughter Shadow is a huge fan of you and your friends." "Yes of course! It would be an honour!" He smiles and winks at me. I take the picture of them and promise to send it to her as she whispers something into Zayn's ear. It made him grin. "What are you two whispering about?" They look at each other and both say "Nothing love" at the same time, with an not so innocent smile dancing around their lips.


Dagmar's POV


"Yes mom, I'm fine! I only need to stay here one night for observation so that's not so bad." I sigh "Are you sure we don't have to come over? Or pick you up tomorrow?" She asks way to worried. "No mom. Stop it. I'm fine. Just go to sleep already. Love you! Goodnight. Bye" "Love you too honey. Sleep well." And then I hang up.

'Woaw. I thought she'd never stop talking." I sighed and looked at Liam. Everybody went home and it's just me and Liam now. Liam's forehead has been crowded with worried lines  ever since everybody went home.

"Liam, are you okay. You seem worried or something." He takes a deep breath and says "Dagmar, I really like you but I don't think we should be together." "What?" What does he mean we can't be together. If he questions wether this is real love or not I think showed him that it is pretty real by catching a bullet for him! "Do you think I don't love you enough? Like I'm just a gold digger or someone who wants to be with someone who's famous?" I say not crying but kinda pissed of. I'm not a girl that cries a lot. Certainly not twice a day. "No of course not! I know you're not! It's just... You're here because of me! I'm the one who got you hurt in the first place. And I don't want that to happen ever again. But if we start dating, people will hurt you. Maybe not physically but definitely emotionally. And I can't stand the idea of you being sad or hurt again." His eyes are filled with pain and I could see he wished he didn't had to do this. Well I wish that too. "Liam don't you get it. I'm not like other girls. Hate doesn't matter that much to me. If I don't know them it doesn't matter what they think of me. But that doesn't mean that it won't effect me. Of course I won't be happy with the hate but if that's the prize I have to pay to be with you, I'm willing to pay it. The conclusion here is that I'm not going to give up on you. And if you won't ask me out on a date I won't stop asking you out on a date until you say yes. Just like the girl who turned you down 22 times. Only this time I'm you and I have to warn you, I'm not stoping at 22, if I have to I'll even ask you 60 times." He smiles. "You are way to stubborn.""I know" I say as I lean in to kiss him on his nose but he stops me and pushes his lips on my lips before I was even halfway there. When he lets go of my mouth he asks "What's your middle name?" I look at him, totally confused. "Charlotte." He  kisses my cheek and nose while he asks.

"Will you, Dagmar Charlotte Ort, go on a date with me, Liam James Payne?" I smile "I, Dagmar Charlotte Ort, would be thrilled to go on a date with you, Liam James Payne." He kisses me again and I can feel we're both smiling.

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