Catch the bullet (Liam Payne, Niall horan fan fiction

Dagmar and her best friend Laura are two lucky girls who have meet and greet tickets to one directions concert!!. Finally a chance to meet Liam and Niall. They can't wait. But in the middle of the meet and greet hate towards the boys takes its toll. Haters with guns can be a real buzz kill! ------------ I do have to say that the beginning of the story is kinda shitty. This is my first movella, but trust me it gets better with the chapters! :)


57. Tattoo parol

Dagmar's POV


“Where is Harry?” Liam asked the boys.


They all shrugged except for Zayn. He opened his mouth to say something but shut it again.


“Do you want to us something Zayn?” I asked.


“I'm not sure if I should say this... But Harry and Holly broke up.” Zayn sighed.


I gasped and I was pretty sure I wasn't the only one to do so.


“What? How? Why?” Louis shouted.


“Holly doesn't like Harry as much as she did before. She broke up with him, because she felt like she was only with him for his fame, and she doesn't want to be like that.” Zayn explained.


“Ohw... I'm gonna go call her.” I said.


“No wait, first listen to us.” Niall said. “Like we said, we found out were the picture was taken. Some fan tweeted the location to us.” He stopped talking, giving us a satisfied look, like he thought he was done.


“So... Where was it taken?” Liam asked.


“Oh right sorry. In Manchester.” Niall chuckled.


“What should we do now?” I asked Liam.


He wrapped his around around my waist. “Let's go there sometime soon.”


I nodded. “Yeah let's do that.”



------- 4 days later. -------


“Okay now... Close your eyes baby.” I chuckled.


Liam closed his eyes. “Why do I have to close my eyes?”


I kissed his forhead “Shhh... Stay still like this for 2 hours. I should be back by then.” I heard Liam groan before I shut the frontdoor.


Once on the street I pulled out my phone, opening my navigation app. “Queen Elizabeth corner 29.” I whispered typing it in. I always say everthing I'm typing out loud, strange ha?


“Your destination is 9 minutes for here.” A robot woman's voice said.


I grabbed my earplugs so I could listen to some Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. It kicked off with 'In Fate's Hands.' I was so concentrated on my music that I didn't even noticed Liam coming out his apartment building.



Liam's POV


I hate surprises, and stuff like that. I always ruin them. Like now. I'm following Dagmar to wherever she's going. But she can't know, that's way I had put on a pair of sunglasses and a cap so the fans wouldn't recognize me and make to much noise.


It was hard to keep Dagmar in my vision the whole time. She was wearing the stuff and clothes we bought together like 5 days back, black heels, black skinny jeans, a white top, and a black beanie. Her almost army green messenger back was dancing on her thighs. And as usual she wore her 3 necklaces and her ring. She looked beautiful like always. I'm so lucky to call her mine!


I followed Dagmar until she got in a dark alley. She stood still, looking at her iPhone screen. She turned around on her heels, still looking at her screen, slowly making her way back to the entrance of the ally.


My heart stopped when a gangster looking guy walked towards her.


“Hey sexy lady.” He whisteled. I was about to get over there and kick his sorry ass when Dagmar's head snapped in his direction.


“What did you just said.” She narrowed her eyes.


“Oy, calm down. Let's go to my place.” He reached for Dagmar's arm with his left hand, bu she dogde him. I knew exactually what she was going to do now. This could get interesting. I grinned getting my iPhone out0.


“You don't fucking touch me you asshole.” Dagmar said grabbing his arm and turning it around his back. “Would you mind if I used you for my boxing practice for today?” She smirked.


“We got a fiesty one here.” I heard him yell. Seconds after another man came to them.


“You see sweetheart you should have cooperated.” The new guy grinned holding Dagmar by her hair.


I was about to help her when she bit the new guy, causing him to let her go. She kneed him 3 times in a row and then hit him a couple of more times.


“Don't.” Kick. “Fucking.” Another kick. “Mess.” Kick. “With.” Punch. “My.” Kneed him in the balls. “Hair!!” She screamed the last part giving him the final hit, which caused his blackout.


Dagmar smirked turning around to the other guy. “You wanted to try something on me? Go ahead. You can also just run away.”


The guy looked around still shocked by the fact that a girl, who was way smaller, just knocked down his bud. “Well, what are you going to do?” Dagmar asked impatiently. I know she was hoping he would chose to fight, but sadly for her the scared man turned around and ran away as fast as he could.


“Coward.” Dagmar chuckled. “Oh man. Liam is never going to believe this.” She walked straight past me, not noticing me video tape her. If she only knew.


----- 3 minutes later -----


Dagmar stopped in front of a bar/tattoo parol. She checked her phone one more time before opening the door and going in. I decided to wait for a moment before going in. Through the window I saw her going to the toilets. Maybe she's only going to use the bathroom and should I wait outside. I turned around leening against the window, expecting her to come out every minute now. When she hadn't come out after 10 minutes I went inside.


I walked in the direction of the toilets to find out that the tattoo part is there too. “Oh please don't tell me you got a tattoo. Tattoo's are bad.” I whispered to myself. When I stepped in the tattoo room I saw Dagmar paying the cassier. She turned around sooner then I expected. When she saw me a confused look washed over her face.


“You followed me?” She asked.


I nodded.


“Trusting issues much.” She giggled


“Sorry.” I grabbed her hand


“It's okay. I don't mind... Did you see the ally thing?” She asked grinning


“I video taped it! You were amazing babe!” I shrieked wrapping her in a big hug.

She laughed pulling away. “So don't you want to know what kind of tattoo I got.”


“You really got a tattoo?” I asked, lifting my eyebrows.


“No, not really a tattoo. I got an henna tattoo.”


I sighed in relief. “Oh good. Tattoos are bad you know.” She chuckled. “Well show me baby.” I kissed her cheek.


“Okay, so you're ready?” She waited until I nodded and then continued. “I got the same on as you have!! I've always loved your four arrows, and now I have them too!!” Her smile was as big as can be. This girl is amazing.


“I love you Dagmar.” I said pulling her in a hug again.


“I love you too Liam.” She grinned.



Dagmar's POV


“Let's go for a walk.” I suggested.


“Yeah but first... Wait here and close your eyes” Liam said running away.


“Now, take your beanie off.” Liam ordered.


I took it off for it to be replaced by something else right away. “What's that?” I asked.


“It's you're new hat.” Liam chuckled.


“This is one cool hat!” I laughed looking in the mirror at my new hat with a cat on it and with cat ears.

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