Catch the bullet (Liam Payne, Niall horan fan fiction

Dagmar and her best friend Laura are two lucky girls who have meet and greet tickets to one directions concert!!. Finally a chance to meet Liam and Niall. They can't wait. But in the middle of the meet and greet hate towards the boys takes its toll. Haters with guns can be a real buzz kill! ------------ I do have to say that the beginning of the story is kinda shitty. This is my first movella, but trust me it gets better with the chapters! :)


65. Someone new

A/N: you can see Dagmar's outfit in my mumbles


Dagmar's POV

 It took me about 15 minutes to fresh up. The second I opened the door Harry ran in. "Hurry up. We only have 2 hours 15 minutes left!" He stopped and looked at my hair. "I thought you were going to shower?! Why didn't you?" Harry sounded really offended. 

"Uhm... Sorry?" 

He grabbed my hair only to let it fall down again. "Look at this." He whined. "It's dirty." And with a firm voice he said: "Go shower. Your hair isn't fashion show ready."

Liam, who was still in the bed, that lucky son of a bitch, was laughing his ass off. "Yeah fuck you both." I sighed walking to the bathroom once again. 

------30 minutes later------

After I blow dried my hair I walked out the bathroom into the bedroom, expecting it to be empty, but to my surprise Harry was still in here. "Jeesh Harry!"  I shrieked. 

His head shot up, an innocent smile on his face. "Yes darling?"

"Could you please leave? I'm only in a towel." 

Harry chuckled "Oh come on. If I see something I've never seen before I'll throw a dollar at it. Now sit down and let me do your hair." 

"One: I just did my hair. And two: please go so I can change." I sighed 

"Okay. If you insist. I'll go grab some food. I'm back in five minutes though!" He walked away still talking to me. "Your hair looks rubbish so I'm going to fix it for you anyways!" 

I quickly grabbed my clothes for the show, knowing Harry will be back in two. Only seconds after I closed the zipper of my dress Harry walked in. "Oh shoot you're fast." He pouted playfully. "I was gone for one, one and an half second?!" 

I slapped his arm and said with an threatening sound. "Don't start with me, Styles!!"

Harry laughed real short before he got back to serious. "Now sit down so I can make your hair look appropriately." 

His eyes scanned my body. "Okay you're wearing a skater dress with a lace top."

I chuckled. "How do you know  that? I'm a girl and I don't even know what you just said."

Harry ignored me continuing his analysing.  "Nice colours! That shade of brown and that soft pink matches so good with each other. 'Your outfit fits with mine like its made just for us!'" He sang on the melody of little things.

I clapped and whistled when he was done.  

"Thank you. Now let's see. What shall we do with your hair." Harry bit his lips thinking hard. Oh every Harry girl would die seeing this. His hand went through his hair. Okay they would be so freaking dead right now. 

Zoe's POV

"ARGHH!!" The designer was really annoyed, and exactly I am the chosen one to ask her how we have to walk and where we need to get on stage. "You better stop asking me stupid questions! I think I'm gonna explode! Leave me alone and go ask Jette." She yelled almost spitting in my face. 

I sighed and called for someone named Jette. "Jette? Who is Jette? I need to ask her something."

"Behind you." A soft friendly voice said. I turned around to see a beautiful long haired dark blonde girl stand behind me. "I heard everything. Sometimes she get's so furious that the best you can do is stay away." 

"Like now." I rolled my eyes. 

She laughed. "Yeah. I swear. If she would just eat her make up she would also look beautiful from the inside."

I laughed. "Hi, I'm Zoe!" 

"Jette!" She introduced. 

I looked at Jette. She had something familiar. "Sorry but do I know you? You look really familiar!" 

"That's possible." She looks afraid of what's about to come next. "Do you know Union J?" 

"One of my best friends, Dagmar, is a big fan. I like them. But I'm not a big addicted fa.... Omg! I know where I know you from. Dagmar showed me a picture of George and his girlfriend yesterday. It was a really cute one. That was you right? You guys make a lovely couple!" 

Jette looked relieved and pleased with my reaction. "I'm glad you're not a hater!" She smiled. 

"Of course not. Haters are losers." I winked

"Whose Dagmar's favourite?" 

I thought for a second. "I think it was Josh." 

She nodded. "Josh is a sweet guy! Maybe I could introduce them to each other. Maybe they like each other, as in like-like." 
"Oh no she has a boyfriend she's pretty pleased with." I laughed and I thought about our conversation on the Phone yesterday. "Do you know One Direction?"

Jette gasped. "No way!! You are talking about Dagmar Ort?! She looks really cool! That's your best friend? Awesome!" 


I shoot Jette an apologetic look. She mouthed a 'talk to you later'

Oh crap. Now I still don't know what I needed to know

Dagmar's POV

We arrived one and a half hour to early. Al we can do now is wander around the room. I wish Zoe had some time to see me. 

"Harry!?" I shrieked. "Look over there! Do you know who that is?" 

Harry looked confused "Where?" 

"There! She's standing next to the curtains."

"I don't see her" He said. 

"Stay here." I said. "I'm gonna see if that's really Jette or that I'm just imagining things!" 

I ignored Harry's "Who's Jette?"

Right at the moment I was about to approach Jette to ask for her autograph an angry woman called her away. I saw her follow the angry woman, leaving a blond girl behind. "Zoe!!" I called giving her a big bear hug!

"Hey cook!" She laughed. "You are so early! You know the show starts at 5 right?!" 

I smiled rolling my eyes. "Yeah I know. Mr Styles just had the need to wake me up and rush me through make up and hair so we could get here in time." 

"Poor you!" Zoe pouted. "Nice hair though!" She pointed at my hair.Harry wove something that looked like a braid in my hair. It ended in a pony tail hold together with an invisible hair band.

"Yeah. He's amazing with make up and hair-does."

"Is he gonna do your hair for the after party too?"  

I gasped "Oh shit no! I totally forgot my dress for the after party! Oh my gosh. I gotta go. I'm sure Harry would love to go shopping with me." 

"Good luck!" Zoe laughed. 

I ran over to Harry.  "I totally forgot about the dress code!" I semi-yelled. 

He rolled his eyes. "I knew this was going to happen so I borrowed one of Gemma's dresses. That should be your size." He grabbed his car keys. "It's in the trunk."

I quickly kissed. "Thank you! You are a life saver!"

"Be more prepared next time!" He shouted after me


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