Catch the bullet (Liam Payne, Niall horan fan fiction

Dagmar and her best friend Laura are two lucky girls who have meet and greet tickets to one directions concert!!. Finally a chance to meet Liam and Niall. They can't wait. But in the middle of the meet and greet hate towards the boys takes its toll. Haters with guns can be a real buzz kill! ------------ I do have to say that the beginning of the story is kinda shitty. This is my first movella, but trust me it gets better with the chapters! :)


55. Phoning with Laura

Dagmar's POV


"We ended up watching One Missed Call, 'cause Liam didn't want to watch Saw.... He's such a scardey-cat, he doesnt even dare to watch the funniest movie ever. Yeah, I'm more of the man in our relationshi...."

Liam interrupted my phone conversation with Laura "Hey!!! I heard that." He pouted.

I smiled. "Well sorry honey, but we both now it's true."

"That doesn't mean the whole world needs to know." He playfully kissed my nose.

I grinned. "Okay, I'll delete my tweet from last night."

"What? What did you tweet last night? Not that photo of me hiding under that blanket. No you didn't!!! NO! Please tell me you didn't" Liam ran back to the kitchen, probably to get his phone and to check twitter. "Where is my phone?!!" He yelled running around the house.

"Anyways, I had a fun night. You guys too I noticed....."  I continued my phone call dodging the occasional flying pillow, thrown by Liam who's on his big treasure hunt.

"Yeah about that.... Dagmar... Niall and I are very sorry! We're gonna get that carpet cleaned."

"You better. That was my freakin' nana's carpet! What would she think... On the other hand, she was a wild one back in the days. She told me that once she had sex in ever corner in every room of her house... Oeh maybe you guys had sex on the same carpet my nana did!! Awesome!" I chuckled, knowing what kind of face Laura is probably making right now.

"Iehll!! That's not awesome that's sick and gross!!" I heard both Niall and Laura shriek.

Even Liam stopped looking for his phone said with an horrified "That's disgusting!! We're not going to do something on anything that belongs to your grandma! I don't even want to sit on your couch anymore"

I laughed. "Oh don't be such an baby. It's like Niall who can never shower, take a bath or play the piano at your house again."

Liam's mouth fell open "Why did you tell them that?" He mouthed.

"What?!! GROSS!!! You guys, common'. The piano? Seriously!? I'm not trusting you guys together in my house. Just so you know." Niall called out soundig shocked.

"No Niall,  we were just joking. Off course you can take a bath here. But if I were you I would shower somewhere else. Oh.. and I wouldn't use the piano!" I laughed thinking of what Niall would say next.

"Can I get Liam for a second?" He asked dead seriously.

"Yeah sure." I said handing the phone to Liam, after putting it on speaker.

"Hey Daddy Direction. Please do something about Dagmar. She's bad. She's the biggest badas I know. Oh and desinfect your shower and piano please. Otherwise I'll never visit you again!" Niall said with a serious voice again.

Liam and I both chuckled. "Okay, okay I will. I wouldn't want you to never come and visit me, would I?! Liam said before hanging up.

"Have you found your phone yet?" I asked him.

"No not yet. I'm gonna call myself for a sec." He said. I nodded focusing on the silence.


"Said I'd never leave her,

cause her hands fit like my T-shirt.

Tunned tied over three words caused,

running over thoughts that make my feet hurt."


"Found it" Liam said pulling his phone out of his backpocket. "Wow, that's was a dumb move." He laughed, resting his hands on my hps pulling me closer to him.

"I love you and I never want to lose, or see you cry again!" He whispered.

"I love you too Liam, and I never want to lose you again! Promise me that I'll never have to see you cry again!" I kissed his birthmark in his neck.

"What, Again?" He asked pulling his head back so he could look at me.

I nodded. "Yeah I saw you cry at the XFactor. And that's something no girl should have to see! I had the urge to throw my phone at the tv to stop the image of you, Niall and Harry crying! It crushed my heart! I mean it! No joke."

Liam chuckled. "Okay. I'll promise!" He laid his chin on my head, giving me a big hug.

"Do you want to go shopping today?" Liam asked me.

My mouth fell open. "You? Me? Shopping? Together? And you came up with the idea?"

Liam grinned. "Yeah. I feel like spoiling you today." He kissed my forehead.

I shook my head "No way, I mean I'd love to go shopping with you, but I pay for my own stuff."

"No you're not." Liam said smiling.

I sighed and 'agreed'. Once in the stores I will distract Liam and pay for it myself.

"Okay then. Let me just change for a moment yeah?" I walked to Liam's room without waiting for the answer.

I grabbed one of y favourite dressed. The upper helft is striped, white and blue, and the lower helft is blue. I didn't really feel like doing anythig with my hair so I just let it fall down my shoulders. My make up was not too much not too little. I hung my 4 necklaces around my neck and put on my skull black sneakers. I love those. I just bought them with Myra the other day, ever since I always wear these, except for yesterday. I grab my fingerless gloves, which I love dearly too, and put them on. I look through my back and see I indeed brought my wallet (picture is in mumbles) and sunglasses. I put my sunglasses on and walked out of Liam's bedroom

"NO!!" A loud scream came from out of the kitchen.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"You really posted that picture?!" He whined.

I put my hands up in defense, "Hey. You posted a pic of me sleeping the other day. And a video of me singing so we're even now." I laughed.

Liam sighed. "I guess you're right"

"I'm always right!" I  laughed



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