Catch the bullet (Liam Payne, Niall horan fan fiction

Dagmar and her best friend Laura are two lucky girls who have meet and greet tickets to one directions concert!!. Finally a chance to meet Liam and Niall. They can't wait. But in the middle of the meet and greet hate towards the boys takes its toll. Haters with guns can be a real buzz kill! ------------ I do have to say that the beginning of the story is kinda shitty. This is my first movella, but trust me it gets better with the chapters! :)


21. Paparazzi

Laura's POV

I wake up by the annoying sound of my alarm clock. I want to turn it of but I can't, something is blocking me. When I managed to get out under the heavy thing resting on my body. I smack my hand on my alarm clock, but it isn't there. I open my eyes in surprise. Wait a sec. this isn't my room! I look beside me.

"N...Niall?" I stumble surprised. Niall is lying beside me, fully clothed just like me. How did I get here? We most have gone to his house right after bowling and Nandos. I fall back on the bed. Aunt Ann and uncle Henry must be worried sick! Oh wait. I told them I would sleep over at Dagmar's, 1 problem less. My stomach makes an unsatisfied sound. I ignored it and close my eyes again, oh what the hell, not like I'm gonna fall asleep anymore. I stand up and walk to the kitchen, looking for something to eat. I couldn't find anything. Incredible. You think that a food maniac as Niall would have something to eat in his house. But no! I grab a pencil and a piece of paper. 

"Hey sleepyhead.
I never met someone who likes food even more then I do and doesn't have a single eatable thing in his house. ;) I'm gonna go get us something to eat. Won't take longer then 15 minutes. Xx"

I leave the note on the eating table. I put my hair in a simple pony tail and step outside. The minute my left foot was outside I heard paparazzi scream and take photo's. Thousand of flashes come to greet me. Holy baby of Jesus. What's this. I quickly got back in and checked myself in the mirror. My make-up is totally ruined. Glad I got back in time, I hope they didn't take clear photo, if people would see me like this.... I washed my face and cleaned myself up. Right at the moment I was about to walk out the door I see a large family walk downstairs. They might be my saviours! "Hey, I was wondering if you could help me out. Can I please walk with you out of the building?" I begged them as I nodded in the direction of all the paparazzi. "Yeah sure." A girl from about my age said. I walked over to her left side, so when we leave the building I'd be completely out of sight. 

After we walked unnoticed past the paparazzi I thanked the family. "Thank you so much! It would've been bad if they'd taken a picture of me like this." They smiled and I walked to the closest restaurant where they sell breakfast. 

"Two chocolate croissants and 10 slices of bread please." I say to cashier who's staring at me with an open mouth, it kinda freaks me out. "Okay, if you just wait over there I'll bring it to you right away." She seems nice I thought by myself but why was she staring at me with an open mouth? I sit down at a table, bored as hell. When I'm bored I always look around me to check out other people. A lot of people are checking me out too, what's going on today. Is there something funny about me? I heard some phones take pictures. What the hell is going on? First the paparazzi outside Niall's apartment and now almost al the people in here. It al suddenly makes sense now I see what caused it. In the corner stands a small stall with a bunch of magazines, and guess who made the front page? Yeah exactly. Me & Niall and Dagmar & Liam. 

I wanted to run over there immediately but I had to keep calm, (if that's even possible after you found out that you are on the cover of a magazine?!!) If I would've runned over there it only would have gotten more awkward

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