Catch the bullet (Liam Payne, Niall horan fan fiction

Dagmar and her best friend Laura are two lucky girls who have meet and greet tickets to one directions concert!!. Finally a chance to meet Liam and Niall. They can't wait. But in the middle of the meet and greet hate towards the boys takes its toll. Haters with guns can be a real buzz kill! ------------ I do have to say that the beginning of the story is kinda shitty. This is my first movella, but trust me it gets better with the chapters! :)


67. Jack

Harry's POV

"Oh my god! You are...!" Zoe gasped

"Yes. I'm Harry styles. You've heard of me?" 

Zoe's facial expression changed back to normal. "No." 

I laughed. "Good one! Didn't see it coming."

Zoe stuck her hand out, laughing. When I looked straight into her eyes I felt all my worried thoughts fade away. "No. No hand shaking. I wanna know if you're really that good in hugging as Dagmar says. I mean, a female horan hug! Don't wanna miss my chance of getting one." I cheekily smiled

"Well I wouldn't want to miss that once in a life time opportunity would I?" Zoe laughed

I smiled at her wonderful laugh "Who knows... Maybe it won't be once in my life time."

"Are you suggesting we should get together sometime just to hug?" Zoe asked cheekily. 

I laughed. "That is a great idea! What about Friday at your place?" 

"Friday sounds good to me! One o'clock? I like my sleep." 

I acted offended and pulled a pouting face. "You like your sleep more then you like me?!" 

Zoe laughed. "Oh I'm sorry mr Styles, but I really do love my sleep you know." 

"It's fine. I understand. Nobody will ever like me over their sleep." I even surprised me with my fake sad voice. It sounded really real!

"Okay okay!" Zoe gave in. "You can come around noon. But you won't get in before 12 PM though!" She warned

"I'm flattered!" I mocked her. 

"Yeah you should be! I'm getting up early for you and you know I'm fabulous and flawless. So yeah. You better be flattered!" She joked. Any other girl would made all of this sound like a bit of an arrogant comment. I don't know how and why but it's something about the way she said it. It revealed a bit of her soul. The piece that's insecure and sweet.

Dagmar laughed, I totally forgot she was here. "I think you two will be fine together!" She smiled walking over to Niall and Laura. 

"I do want my hug now!" I said spreading my arms. 

"You'll get your hug now!" Zoe giggled while she wrapped her arms around me and rested her chin in the crook of my neck. Her grip was precisely thight enough, not to thight not to loose. 

"Omg Dagmar was so right!  You are the best hugger ever!" 

"Sure!" Niall coughed looking around acting like he had no idea who had coughed. 

I chuckled. "Sorry Niall! But you should get a Zoe hug sometime! But first. Zoe would you fancy a drink?"

"Yeah sure Harry! A coke please!"

"On its way!" I said as I took place in the queue at the bar. 

After 5 minutes waiting at the bar I saw Zoe talking to some guy. It didn't seem like a friendly conversation. Zoe looks really mad. 

Zoe's POV

"Let's try to make us work again baby!" Jack's voice was reaching for alcohol. 

"I already said no four times Jack! So quit it and go home!" 

"Baby I can't live without you! I love you too much!" Jack stumbled taking another zip of his drink. 

"Then you shouldn't have did what you've done! It's been 3 fucking years. MOVE ON!" I semi-yelled. 

"Romeo and Julia were apart for three years." Jake laughed at his own joke.  It made me on the other hand even more furious. 

"Yeah well, in that story 6 people died." I paused taking a deep breath trying to get my calm voice back. "Jack, please leave! Or I will have to call security."

Jack's eyes turned dark. "Oh no you will not, you little filthy bitch." He grabbed my arm trying to pull me with him to the backdoor. I took profit of his drunk state by making myself as heavy as possible. Still Jack was managed to get me to the back door, we were outside, at the parking lot, in no time. Though my screams hadn't been loud enough to hear inside they most certainly were loud enough for the whole neighbourhood to hear it out here!! It even caused my own ears to hurt.  

"Be quiet baby!" Jack sussed as he opened his car door . 

"Let me go Jack!" I yelled. "I don't want anything to do with you!"

Jack was about to speak up when a fist came out of nowhere. It hit Jack's face really really hard, like 'oh no he's knocked out' hard. I looked up to see Harry standing there. 

Harry smiled but suddenly stumbled to the right shaking and waving his hand quickly in the air.  "OUCH!! SON OF A ... Yessh he has a hard head! Oh my!" He fell on his knees holding his hand. 

I laughed softly still in shock. "Come here!" I smiled. 

Harry stood up. He used his not painful hand to gently wipe some hair behind my ears. "I'm sorry! I shouldn't have let you get out of my sight." Harry mumbled

"Harry..." I cupped his face with my hands. "Do you have any idea what you just did? You saved me from my abusive ex boyfriend! There's no need to be sorry for that." 

Harry's eyes grew big. "Abusive?!" He said with anger in his voice. "Did he hurt you again tonight? Cause if he did! I swear I will fucking kill him!" 

I shook my head. "No he didn't. Now let's get out of here! I'm not in a party mood anymore." I could feel Harry's jaw clench, I removed my hands from his face and grabbed his injured hand. He had little scrapes on his knuckles.  I gave a soft kiss on the palm of his hand. 

Harry grabbed my hand and together we walked towards the entrance where his car was parked. "Let's go to my place. You need to tell me more about the guy I just knocked out" Harry said with a weak smile. He opened the passenger seat for me to get in and soon took place next to me. He stared in front of him for a while before looking at me. Our eyes met and we sat still like this for a moment. Enjoying the pleasant silence. Harry cupped my face as he softly pressed his forehead against mine. We were still looking each other in the eyes when Harry leaned in. I felt the soft touch of his warm lips. It felt magical... and it felt right. The kiss only lasted for three seconds before Harry quickly pulled back. He coughed. "Ehm.. Sorry. I shouldn't have done that."

"It's okay." I smiled awkwardly


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