Catch the bullet (Liam Payne, Niall horan fan fiction

Dagmar and her best friend Laura are two lucky girls who have meet and greet tickets to one directions concert!!. Finally a chance to meet Liam and Niall. They can't wait. But in the middle of the meet and greet hate towards the boys takes its toll. Haters with guns can be a real buzz kill! ------------ I do have to say that the beginning of the story is kinda shitty. This is my first movella, but trust me it gets better with the chapters! :)


20. I'm going to break every damn bone in her entire miserable body

Dagmar's POV

"So do you want to grab a drink with me at my apartment? " Liam asked as we ate our chicken. "Sure! I'd love to!" I smiled at Liam. Laura kicked me under the table bd winked at me with a big smirk on her face.

We pulled up in front of a large, fancy building. "I want you to be the first person to see the Best Song Ever music video." Liam said. "Ahw!  Dankeschön!" "You know what?! I'm just gonna pretend like I understand you and just say the same thing and add too behind the word. So dankeschön too." I laughed. "You just said thank you too. Not bad." He winked as he opened the door to his apartment. "Oh my god, Liam it's beautiful! What a view!!" I screeched. I heard tiny soft footsteps come to us real fast. Then out of nowhere a cute dog jumps on top of Liam. "Hey big guy, how are you?" How cute is that. Liam's talking to his dog! Just like I always do, however I also pretend she talks back to me... "Aren't you a big guy ha?! Yes you are! And you are a real cutie pie." Liam said with a really deep strange funny voice. I burst out in laughter. He looks up at me and winks. "Sorry about that love." "No it's okay. It's just.. I do that same thing with my dog every day." 


Liam's POV

She bursted out in laughter. I looked up at her and winked. She's so pretty when she laughs. "Sorry about that love" I said. "No it's okay. It's just.. I do that same thing with my dog every day. Besides I love men who are great with dogs." She smiled cheekily at me. 

I love her so much! I grabbed her waist and pulled her closer so I could kiss her on the mouth. Her hands grabbed my head, her fingers circling little circles on my neck. I wiped some hair out of her face. I wanted more. But I knew I couldn't ask that from her. This is technically our first date. So I broke the kiss. She smiled and gave me another little kiss. Then she walked towards the couch. 

"We should go out sometime again." She said to me. I nodded. "Yeah indeed" "I have a great idea, a movie night and I get to pick the film!." She smirked exited. "Sure okay. But please don't pick a romantic movie." She looked at me, her face was filled with disappointment. "How could you think so low of me! Shame on you Liam James Payne. You should know that I hate romantic movies. I like action and I love horror even though it scares the crap out of me." I smiled. "Sorry my Schwats." She laughed. "It's Schatz. And apology accepted." I walked over to her and kiss her on her cheek. 

"What do you want to drink?" I asked her. She stands up. "You're not going to do that. I will. What would you like to drink." I grinned. "A coke please." "A coke it is then." She opened al the kitchen cabinets trying to find some glasses. "Shall I help?" I suggest. She stopped with what she doing and just stood there staring at me. "Okay, okay, sorry" I laughed. She continued opening drawers. 

"Liam what is this?" She asked. In her hands she had a white envelope. Oh no. She found the hate mail. "Nothing just a couple of letters." I said trying to make it sound innocent. "From her, right? From the president?!" She said kind of pissed off. "Look, I'm not worrying about her anymore. I'm ignoring her letters and so should you." I said while walking to her. I lifted up her chin and whispered "Just leave it alone." She sighed. "No! I'm gonna break every bone in her body. How dares she try to hurt you guys again after she fucking pointed a gun at you and freaking tried to KILL you!" She screams. I can see the rage in her eyes. A tear falls down. I kiss it away. I know exactually how she feels. That's precisely how I felt. But instead of her being worried about me I was just worried about her. That's why I didn't tell her. 

"I'm going to read it." She said angrily. "No your not, that will only ruin our night and upset the both of us." "Don't you get it Liam. She will never upset me! I don't care about her so I don't care about the way she thinks about me." She began to open the envelope. I pulled it out of her hands and ripped it in two. "Come on. Let's watch some TV." As I grabbed her hand and leaded her to the couch.   


Dagmar's POV

Now that Liam has fallen asleep on the couch I can finally read that letter. I sneak to the kitchen and grab the letter out of the trash can.


Hey Liam,

Sorry I hurt your little friend there. Wasn't my intention. It was supposed to be you, anyways if she had died you would've been miserable for life. Knowing that she died because of you. Too bad she made it. Though, she has a scar now so that will always remind you guys of me. When I get out of prison I will haunt each and every one of you guys down and I will kill you. I do kinda regret the last attempt. I wanted to be epic. Not that lazy and unspectacular with a gun. Now you know what you can expect next time. Maybe an axe or so. Trust me. Next kill is gonna be EPIC! Hope you sleep well tonight. I know I will. Dreaming about killing you all. Love it. See you tomorrow in court.                                                                               Love, not, the president of the OneDirectionHateClb.


I don't know what to think. I see a tear stain appear on the letter. I haven't even noticed I started crying. I grabbed my phone and made a picture of the letter. Maybe someday I'll need it.

I walked back to the couch and laid down next to Liam. He's so sweet when he sleeps. I took a picture and posted it on Instagram. I closed my phone and laid my head on his chest, trying to listen to his heart beat. But that's a hard thing to do if your phone won't stop buzzing. Argh. It's so annoying. What is it.  

I grabbed my phone and unlocked it. Omfg! I already have 3561 likes, and 298 comments. How's that possible. I only have like 150 followers. I go to my profile and it scared the shit out of me. "Holy fuck!" I yell as I noticed my 1.296.403 followers. I totally forgot about Liam sleeping next to me. "What what happened?" He shouted worried. I laughed. "Sorry didn't want to wake you up. I just found out I suddenly have 1.2 million followers on Instagram." He smiled. "Yeah. Once the fandom knows your name they're very good in tracking you down online." 

I now realise what I just posted. I'm not sure he's gonna like it. "Liam, I'm sorry but I posted a photo of you when you were asleep...." "You did what?" He shouted. Suddenly very awake. "Sorry! I didn't knew that I had that many followers." He looks very concerned. I'm really close to laughing, he wouldn't like that so I look at him with my pokerface. But his face is so shocked that it made me laugh really hard! "It's not funny" Liam said in his defence. "Oh it is. And so is your shocked face." I can't stop laughing. I look at Liam and see he's smiling too. When I'm finally done I said "Sorry babe. But you looked so cute when you were sleep. I just had to take a picture of you." He tried to look mad at me but it wasn't really convincing. 

He grabbed my waist and pulled me on his lap. "I forgive you" And we kissed till my neck began to hurt. I pulled away and laid down next to him. "Can I sleep here tonight?" I asked "Sure you can!" He said. I laid my head on his chest with my hand in his. He moved s bit and kissed my forehead. "Sleep tight love." "You too Schatz. Gute Nacht." I said to him. He sighs. "You and your German language. I'm guessing it means goodnight or something like that. Am I right?" I giggle. "Yeah you're right." 

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