Catch the bullet (Liam Payne, Niall horan fan fiction

Dagmar and her best friend Laura are two lucky girls who have meet and greet tickets to one directions concert!!. Finally a chance to meet Liam and Niall. They can't wait. But in the middle of the meet and greet hate towards the boys takes its toll. Haters with guns can be a real buzz kill! ------------ I do have to say that the beginning of the story is kinda shitty. This is my first movella, but trust me it gets better with the chapters! :)


62. Hockey game

A/N: So one of you, Katie Daviau, said she liked Zoe. When Zoe heard about that she went crazy! She was like.



Here's a thank you from Zoe:

Hey Katie,

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Dagmar's POV


“1,2,3 RAWRRRRR!!” All the girls in my team yelled before walking to their position in the field. I walked off to the defence, and took place at the 23 metre line. (We call it like that)


I shot a quick glance at Liam and Zoe who were standing together besides the field. Liam was wearing a black beanie his Ray-Ban sunglasses and a grey sweater with a black jeans. He gave me a nodded and mouthed: “Good luck!” trying to draw no attention what so ever.


Zoe was wearing red skinny trousers and a white long sleeve top. She wore her blach swag beanie, which matched Liam's. Underneath all of it she wore her black boots. She was, not like Liam, cheering as loud as possible. “Go Dagmar! Go and make them wipe your ass!”ës_outfit_modeshow_topshop/set?id=100036320 (a photo will be up in my mumbles)


I laughed when I saw the faces of my team mates. “Sorry, just ignore her.” I chuckled.


Liam's POV


“Wow! Didn't know this was such a rough sport!” Zoe gasped when we saw a fifth bal hit someone within' 10 minutes.


“Me neither! But is it me or is that one girl especially targeting Dagmar?” I asked. I wasn't kiddding. There was one girl, brown hair, who was playing really rough, she was constantly slamming the ball in Dagmar's direction. Even when Dagmar wasn't even near the goal. It's a good thing Dagmar is good in dodging balls, I think she has dodged over 10 balls in this short time. The only ball that hit her brushed her index-finger. Though Dagmar didn't want to stop playing. She's a fighter! I can tell!


Zoe nodded “I swear to god! If one of those girls hurts her again!! I'll high five her in the face with a brick and pet her head with a chair!


I laughed. “Violent much?”


“Yeah! That's what makes me and Dagmar such good friends.” Zoe winked.


A whistle and screaming voices distracted me, I turned my head to the field and saw that the aggressive girl was screaming an the top of her lungs to Dagmar, who was trying to stay calm. “You fucking don't deserve him bitch!” She screamed

“Shut up!” Dagmar snarled, I understand why she had lost her temper. “You're constantly targeting me and I'm totally fed up about it! This is a game! I love being rough and aggressive during the game too, but make it way to personal!”


“Oh common you bitch! I could vomit just looking at you! Of course this is personal. You stole my freaking boyfriend, and then you cheat on him!!! I don't get why he took you back.” The brunette yelled making her way to Dagmar.


Dagmar made herself big, not scared at all. “What the hell are you talking about?”


The girl scoffed. “I'm talking about you, you prick. Though it's a total waste of breath!”


“Well stop wasting it then!” Dagmar said with a fake laugh. "You might as well stop breathing in general. I know I wouldn' mind if you did."


“Lisa calm down.” One of the brunettes team mates laid her hand on her shoulder, but the brunette slapped it away.


“Shut the fuck up. I'm trying to tell this mother fucker that she shouldn't have interfered with Liam!”


“Liam as in the Liam Payne?” Some girls from Lisa's team asked


Zoe and I were about to make our way up to them till we heard my name. I froze, this is about me. I could see Zoe's puzzled face in the corner of my eye. “Did she just combinated boyfriend and THE you?” She asked me.


I slowly nodded my head. “Oh god, this is probably one of those fans who send hate to the girlfriends..” I stated.


Zoe's face got even more puzzled. “You have fans?”


Oh crap. She doesn't know Im in One Direction. This must be really complicated for her right now. “Ehmmm... Will explain later okay. We have to stay unnoticed.”


Zoe nodded and we turned our attention back to the game, just in time for us to see that the girl scooped the bal on Dagmar's knee.


“Screw you Lisa!” Zoe screamed making me chuckle even though I was worried about Dagmar who was limping a bit with her hand on her knee. We saw the referee make his way to Lisa. He started talking and pulled out a yellow card.


“What does a yellow card mean? The same as it means at football?” I asked to no one particularly.


“No, if I remember correctly it means that you have to leave the game for 5 minutes.” Zoe stated.


Dagmar turned around looking at us, her face filled with anger and a bit of pain. “She's beyond furious! I can see it in the way she moves.” I mumbled.


------------5 minutes later.------------


“Oh look the girl is back in the field. Let's see what she's gonna do. Dagmar has got a bit more aggressive the past 5 minutes. It's aggressive versus aggressive. This will be fun.” Zoe chuckled.


I nodded “I have to admit. Dagmar isn't the kind of girl who just goes with it. If that girl does something to her again, Dagmar will take her revenge. This is gonna be a game on its own.”


“I think it has already started.” Zoe giggled


“Yup, there it goes.” I laughed. Dagmar smashed the ball high in the air, it missed Lisa's head by a few centimeters. I looked at the referee to see if he's gonna give her a card or something but al he did was sigh and ignore it. I like that man.


Now it was Lisa's turn. She came running up to Dagmar doing a couple of tricks with the ball. Once she reached Dagmar she kept walking. Like Dagmar wasn't there. The two pounded into each other causing them both to fall. A team mate of Dagmar helped her up and whispered something in her ear. Whatever it was it made Dagmar smirk.


“You two! Come here!” The referee called. “I'm giving both of you a green card. That means a warning! If one of you even makes a comment you'll both get a red card!” He sighed and then signed for the players to continue the game.


The ball was for Dagmar's opponents. “Pass it to me.” Lisa screamed. She was standing on the edge of the circle and there was no one near her except for Dagmar.


“Oh here it comes.” I sighed already imagining what was going to happen.


The girl passed the ball to Lisa and Dagmar rushed her way over to the edge of the circle. “Careful babe!” I yelled.


But it was too late. A scream of pain filled my ears. I jumped over the fence an ran as fast as I could, not caring if anybody would recognize me. “Nice job!” I screamed at Lisa who was standing in my way.


“L-Liam?!!” She stambled in surprise.


I pushed her away and fell on my knees next to Dagmar. The ball had hit her face, her nose to be precise. Blood was streaming out of her nose. “It's okay babe! I'm here.” I whispered pulling her in for a hug.


She winched in pain but she wasn't crying. “I guess I ran out of luck eh.” She joked.


“Yeah the L in Dagmar's luck has been replaced with an F! As in fuck you!” Zoe spit in anger towards Lisa. Who was given a red card as we were speaking.


“Are you okay?” The referee asked.


I was about to snarl a cheeky 'no of course she isn't.” when Dagmar said. “Yeah! I'm fine. Let's continue the game.” She leant on her stick to get up.


I heard almost everyone around me laugh. I on the other hand shook my head. “No! You're aren't okay! You just got hit by a ball!”


“Liam. This is not my first time being hit by an hockey ball you know.” Dagmar sighed


“I think this young man is right.” The referee said but my coach interrupted him.


“If she want to play, she can play.”


Zoe cheered. “Yeah! Let her play.” I looked at Zoe wide eyed. “Ehm I mean. No don't play Dagmar.”


Dagmar chuckled. “Liam. Just let me play.”


I sighed. “How long is it untill the break?” The referee showed me the timer. “4 minutes.. Okay! You can play.... But only if you promise you won't get hurt more then you are already!”


Dagmar raised her hand like she was making an ode. “I swear”


I laughed and kissed her forehead. “Weirdo.” She chuckled and whispered a thank you.

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