Catch the bullet (Liam Payne, Niall horan fan fiction

Dagmar and her best friend Laura are two lucky girls who have meet and greet tickets to one directions concert!!. Finally a chance to meet Liam and Niall. They can't wait. But in the middle of the meet and greet hate towards the boys takes its toll. Haters with guns can be a real buzz kill! ------------ I do have to say that the beginning of the story is kinda shitty. This is my first movella, but trust me it gets better with the chapters! :)


18. Dinner and bowling

Liam's POV

"Alright then, thank you for calling me!" I said while I hang up the phone. Tomorrow is the trial for 'the president of the OneDirectionHateClub', our lawyer said that she will go to jail for at least 4 years. She's being prosecuted for stalking, and the murder attempt. She's still sending hate-mail, but we threw it away. She isn't worth our tears and sadness. I'll make sure I get a chance to say that in court tomorrow. We're all witnesses! So we're gonna be asked a lot of question. The trial was one of the most important things like ever (!) according to the magazines. My whole twitter is spammed by fans wishing us good luck. Nobody could stop talking about it. 

I looked at my watch, 7 PM. Time to get ready. I cleaned myself up, put on a tux and drove off to Dagmar's house. It was beautiful! Yet it felt so.. I don't know. Not personal. And not even close to cozy. I walked over to the door, I was about to ring the doorbell when my phone buzzed. Dagmar.

"Hey love, I'm in front of your house." I said. "Hey, babe. I totally forgot to tell you that I'm at my fathers house this week." "Oh that's okay. Just text me the address and I'll be there in 5." I said while walking back to my car. "Du bist mein lieber Schatz." She said. "I have no idea what you just said." I laughed with her and hang up. Dagmar's parents are both partly German. That's why she has a German surname and family name. And that's also the reason why I still can't pronounce her name. She talks German all the time but I never understand her. I went straight to my iTranslate app. I typed it in. Not knowing if I wrote it right : do beast meine liebe sjats. That means : do beast sjats my love. Well that isn't right now, is it?! I'll ask her once I pick her up. 


"Hey babe" she said when she opened the door. She's great at dressing fancy things. I grinned "Hey love, you look stunning!" She blushed "Thank you Schatz." You really need to tell me what you said earlier on the phone." I whined. "Have you tried to translate it?" She said teasingly. "Yes! And it came up with this." I showed her the screenshot I made from the translation. She laughed. "You fool, you don't spell it like that. Look." And she typed it in again but now correctly. "Ohw." I said as I looked at the sentence in the correct spelling. "It was close." I tried. She grinned at me "No it wasn't." I press translate and see the right translation. "You are my dear sweetheart." I read. I looked at her. She's so beautiful. I kissed her tender on her lips. "You're my dear sweetheart too."

We walk to the car and she kissed me on the cheek when I opened the door for her. I see Laura, Holly, Elle and Jessica standing somewhere upstairs watching us. I heard a lot of "ohw's" and "they are so cute together." I grinned at them. She's mine forever. (Dagmar's outfit)


Laura's POV


We watched Liam and Dagmar from the moment she opened the door. I heard Liam ask questions about something Dagmar said in German. She does that all the time. She sometimes even starts talking German in the middle of a conversation. When she's struggling with a word she usually says it in German, she learnt me some words so I can understand what's she's talking about.  

I looked at Liam and Dagmar again. "They are so cute together." I see Liam look up at us, his grimace covered his entire face, ear to ear. You can see that Liam is proud to be seen with her. He should! I smiled. Niall was here to pick me up in 15 minutes. I hope he doesn't think I'm overdressed or something like that. 

Laura's outfit


"Hey cutie" I said before I kissed Niall on the mouth. He smiled. "Hey beautiful, you look amazing as always." I kissed him again. 
"Do you like bowling?" I asked him. "Do I like bowling?!" He shouts "I love bowling." "And Nandos." I added grinning. He smiled "You know me well." 


That was fun! "I loved it! Thanks for inviting me" I said to Niall kissing him on the cheek. "Thank you for coming love. Are you hungry? I know I am." "Yeah I guess so. Where do you wanna go? Oh wait let me guess. Maybe Nandos?" We laugh. 


Liam's POV


"I'll be back in a second. Just going to use the lady's room." She smiled at me. This is such a doll place. I look aound me. Dagmar left her phone on the table. I grab it. The app photo's is opened, well she wouldn't mind if I just looked for a second, would she? I scroll past her albums until I see 7  albums of one direction. 

One Direction.           894    photo's
One Direction Harry. 42      photo's
One Direction Liam.   1098 photo's 
One Direction Louis.   79      photo's 
One Direction Niall.   1034  photo's
One Direction Niam.   754   photo's
One Direction Zayn.   65     photo's


Wow that sure are a lot of photo's. I opened Niam's album. I saw a lot of pictures that I have never seen before, picture from what I don't even remember doing. How's that possible? Some are from almost 3 years ago. Wow! I have to show this too Niall.

 "Were are you lookin' at?" Dagmar asked while she sat down on her chair. I pointed at the photo's. "You're iPhone was unlocked and when I scrolled threw your albums, these caught my eye. You have a lot of photo's of us." I claimed. She grinned. "Yeah I was obsessed with you guys, but now I know you in real life I don't need those pictures anymore. However I am gonna keep them. I don't want to throw away all my years of collecting." I chuckled.  

"Wait, hand me my phone." She commanded. I obeyed. "What's up?" She doesn't answer me, she's too busy searching for a photo I think. She shows me a picture from when we were shooting the WMYB video. There's a text on the side. 'Three things Liam can't life without. His hair wax, Clerasil and Niall.' I grinned. "I remember that interview." She smiled and looked me in the eyes. "What has changed. What are the three things you can't life without now?" "Let me think about that for a second." I said, she nodded. This is a tough one. "Okay the three things I can't life without. My dog Loki, Niall and my beautiful girlfriend Dagmar." She blushes lightly. "Ahw you're blushing." Now she's blushing even more. I laughed softly. "Ich liebe dich Liam. I really do love you." She whispered. "I love you too Dagmar." I said as I lent in to kiss her forehead. 

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