Just Another Ordinary Girl

Vanessa had never loved she had never been loved. She's moved from place to place toon to town all her life. All she has ever known was rejection, from here mother from her father from boys, girls even her own family wont help her with her abusive mother. What happens when she's finally loved and in love. What if she doesnt think she deserves love. Read on to find out.


5. Contest

Okay so Vanessa needs some friends right. So you could be her friend. If youre interested comment your name, apperence, personality, hobbies, and i dont know if i will add the rest of 1D or just make the book Niall so you can add which boy you like if in the future i decide to add them. You can add anything else you want. You can also kik me if you want the part my kik is JoJo486 okay so thats all. :) PEACE
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