Another Cinderella Story

A girl called Sophie went to the senior prom which everyone calls it the senior ball. Masked theme but she meets a special guy. But he doesn't know who she is until she takes her mask off will she...or will she not. p.s this movellas isn' t all about the prom/ball


1. Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik my best friend but now not my best friend anymore. He left me for the x factor with out saying good bye. Once he came third he never told me he was going to continue on being in the band and continuing his dream. Once i saw his video i cryed knowing that he would of forgotten about me, and guess what?? i was right. I never got a single call or text not even a letter. I wanted to call him but i was just to scared and thinking that i would hear the rest of the band laughing in the background cause i called. I thought i was fine until i found out the news this morning in class.

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