Another Cinderella Story

A girl called Sophie went to the senior prom which everyone calls it the senior ball. Masked theme but she meets a special guy. But he doesn't know who she is until she takes her mask off will she...or will she not. p.s this movellas isn' t all about the prom/ball


2. This Morning

I wake up and get dressed getting ready for school. I put on a grey skull top with fake ripped jeans and black vans. I grab my school bag and pack my lunch in the kitchen then i hear my 2 brothers walking down the stairs arguing like they do all the time. "AUSTIN MASON STOP IT" I yell at the top of my lungs. 

"You can't tell us what to do" says Mason in a tone. 

I raised my eyebrow and looked at him "Really? Well i know someone who can and guess what the monster is coming down the stairs right now" i smile and continue making my lunch.

"What was all that noise" the step monster says. 

"AUSTIN STARTED IT" Mason starts like he always does.

"I DON'T CARE WHO STARTED IT YOU WOKE UP ME AND MY DAUGHTERS NOW GET READY FOR SCHOOL!!!!!" she shouts at them loudly as they start shaking and then run away.

"You have annoying brothers" my step mother says.

"Thanks" i say in a tone. "You can go back to your beauty sleep i have it all covered now" i say hoping she'll leave. 

"MASON AUSTIN ITS TIME TO GO" I shout loudly. 

"We haven't even packed our lunch yet" Austin says back to me. 

"No you didn't cause i did!! Now hurry up we don't wanna miss the bus" as i say handing them there school bags. 

We run out the door to the bus stop and wait for the bus. In about 5 minutes the bus arrived. We hopped on the bus and my brothers ran to go sit next to there friends as i walk over to my friend Lucy.  


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