Another Cinderella Story

A girl called Sophie went to the senior prom which everyone calls it the senior ball. Masked theme but she meets a special guy. But he doesn't know who she is until she takes her mask off will she...or will she not. p.s this movellas isn' t all about the prom/ball


3. At School

I hop off the bus with Lucy. We start walking and then i accidently bumped into somebody. 

"OH. MY. GOD. I'm so sorry here let me help you" i say as i start grabbing his books.

He looks up at me "Its fine" he says with a smile. 

I smile a little then i grab Lucy by the arm and walk away very fast. 

"What was the rush?" Lucy asks.

"Well you know that guy i told you about and he was on the x factor and he left me without saying goodbye" I tell her.

"Ummmmm yeah" she says with a weird look on her face.

"Yeah well that was him" i pause after i say that.

"OH. MY. GOD." Lucy says back.

We look at our timetables and we find out were not in the same class till next bell. The bell rings and I start heading to my class which is gym. I walk into the gym with my friend Hannah. At least I have a friend with me. 

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