Shay Mitchell

Hey i'm Shay Mitchell and i dont really go by the rules, i live in a family of 7, my mum and dad, me im shay my littte sister Chloe shes 16 and my 3 little brothers Christopher, Anthony and matthew there tripts and there all 12. We call them Chris, Ant and Matty for short. Im not like a girly girl but im not really a tomboy eather, im kind of inbetween if that makes sence.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please no hate this is like one if my first fanfictions coz my otheres are like really bad so please no hate thanks, and please leave a comment on what you think about my story, for reading my story xxx


1. Chapter 1

Shay's P.O.V


  I packed up the last of my things and walked down stairs, my mum had tears rolling down her face and my dad was hugging her. I was moving to London for a 5 years, you see it's always been my dream to live there and I really don't know why but ever since I was 13 I wanted to live there, plus I was going there to become a photographer. I've always been good at taking photos and stuff like that, anyway if your wondering what I look like I have blond hair, ocean blue eyes I'm basically anorexic because I don't really eat and that's all I really have to say about myself. My mum was now sobbing loudly "You growing up so quickly" "I know mum don't cry your going to make me cry" I said while starting to sob quietly, I said my goodbyes to my parents and put my bags in the car, then I left. My sister drove me to the airport with my 3 little brothers in the back seats. Once we got to the airport my sister and my 3 little brothers said our goodbyes. I walked into the the airport and went through customs and all that stuff, then sat down and waited for my plain to board. I started to dose off when I herd a lady call my plain for boarding over the laud speaker. I got up and grabbed my bag, I then felt my phone buzz so I quickly pulled it out to see what it was. I started dropping my bag and stuff every where and I was struggling to carry all of them. I heard a deep husky British voice as I turned to look I realized he was talking to me. " um do you need any help there love" he asked in a deep sexy voice "um yes please" I said dropping another one if my Carrie on's.  He grabbed the ones I had dropped on the floor and walked in line next to me, "so love, could I please ask for a name" he asked "I'm shay Mitchell, and yours is?" I asked "Im Harry styles" at that moment I kinda freaked. Only because its HARRY FRICKEN STLES. I tried playing it cool and I think it worked. "Oh well it's nice to meet you" I said, oh my god he was perfect in all different ways, I just couldn't explain. I was never a big fan of one direction and I didn't even know what they really looked like but anyway he walked me to my seat " thank you for carrying my bags" I said with a warm smile he nodded and sat down next to my seat "May I ask what your doing" he chuckled a bit and then explained "this is my seat" he said with a warm smile on his perfect face I just nodded. I put my bags under my chair and sat down. A boys head popped over the seat in front of Harry. "Hey hazza" he said in a cute accent like Harry's. they talked for a bit and then 3 other boys jumped up and they all seemed to know harry, anyway I couldn't care less I was so tired for some reason. As soon as I started dosing off again the plain took off and my ears started popping and I kind of jumped bumping Harry's arm, he looked at me and I said sorry. Well that was awkward. I could feel harry studying my face so I looked at him and his eyes where perfect, he started talking again "Um Shay I was wondering if I could have your number?" He asked me, I felt a bit awkward only because I just met him but I gave it to him anyway "0410719720" I said. It was like an hour into the plain ride and me and harry been talking non stop ever since I gave home my number.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you enjoyed the first chapter, it's not very good and please leave your comments on how you think about my story, thanks ~Ellie


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