A Love Started With Hate

What started with pure hatred and annoyance for the new guy, "red",as they call him, turns into something more.... But with that one day Crysvic seems to not want to show her true feelings. Will she be able to tell him before it's too late? or will he be swept away by someone else? Does he even feel the same way? will he?


4. You can't be serious?!

"This could NOT be happening" Crysvic thought to herself as she watched the boy with red eyes make his way to her table.

"You left your notebook in class"  he stated, holding up a black notebook with random words scratched into it.  Crysvic took it then looked the other way.  Marangeli frowned and "lightly" kicked Crysvic underneath the table.

"OW!  What was that for?" Crysvic angrily whispered.

"Say Thank-You" Marangeli spoke through gritted teeth.  With that being said, Crysvic turned to the boy.  The smirk on his face made her growl.

"Tank.You" She managed to growl out.  He just kept smirking at her, until finally turning around and walking away.  'Hmph.  Who does he think he is?' she thought as she kept her frowning eyes on him until he disappeared.  "There is seriously something up with that guy"  Crysvic mumbled to herself.

"What was that all about?"  Marangeli asked, still slightly ticked off at her friend's behavior.

"What?" Crysvic replied, trying to forge innocence.

"You know exactly what! now start explaining!" Marangeli retorted angrily, before crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"There's nothing to explain"  Crysvic replied, continuing to eat her lunch.

"Do you really want to go there?" Marangeli growled out

"fine..... i hate him... there.  Happy?"  Crysvic retorted before she also crossed her arms, and decided to turn and face the other direction.

"I can see that..... But why?  he hasn't done anything to you....." Marangeli stated.

"I don't know..... he just gets on my nerves" Crysvic spoke while frowning.

"well he hasn't said much to you..... are you sure you hate him? You could just be mistaking the feeling of hate for him with like him.  Are you sure you're not just in denial"  Marangeli teased trying to just liven the gloomy mood a little.

"OH.GAWD.NO!!!! I'm sure I don't like him" Crysvic yelled out, defending herself.  "and his eyes are RED!! R-E-D!! no one has red eyes!!! that's not normal!!" She whisper yelled, not wanting to grab any more attention than she already has.

"And? they're probably contacts, but i think they make him more attractive, don't you guys think?"  Marangeli replied, asking for opinions to mess with her friend.

"NO!NO!NO! He's annoying! gosh, i can never like him..." Crysvic started off yelling and finished off mumbling to herself.

"Ok.... if you say so....."  Marangeli stated before getting up and throwing her tray away, the sitting back down.  Crysvic and the rest of the girls just remained silent for the rest of the lunch period.  The awkward silence between everyone caused the hour to seem longer than what it really was.  Finally, the bell rang and everyone got up to go to their next class.

Crysvic walked to her Japanese class in silence.  The loudness of everyone around her wasn't helping her mood. 'Please don't let him be here too' She thought to herself as she walked closer to her classroom.  But her fear came true, because when she entered, her brown eyes met the red ones of the of the boy she despised the most.  She frowned at him,  then went to go take a seat, trying to ignore the stare she was receiving  the class started not too long after.  Not much happened, but trying to learn while trying to ignore the boy.  Now that she thought about it, she didn't even know his name.  She got shook from her thoughts when the teacher started to talk about a partnered project.

"You have to get to know your partner, because you are going to be presenting them to the class.  But you'll have to do it in most, if not all, Japanese." Olsen sensei, as she wanted her students to call her, gave the directions.  "And..... I am to be assigning the partners" She added, which caused the class to groan out in dissatisfaction.  As she went through the list, Crysvic blocked her out until she heard her name being called.  "Crysvic and..... Red"  She stated.  'Who the hell is that?' She thought to herself, confused.    "ok, you guys can go sit with your partners ad get started" She ordered after finishing off pairing everyone up"

Crysvic got up to ask Olsen sensei a question.  "Sensei...... um... Who's red? I don't know anyone by that name...."

"the new student over there..." She replied, directing Crysvic to the new student.  As Crysvic directed her gaze in the direction her teacher was directing to.  And her eyes grew in horror.

"ok, thanks"  She whispered out just loud enough for her teacher to hear, before she walked over to her "partner".

"well.... this is a surprise" Red, as she now knew him, stated once She took her seat.

"Be quiet...." Crysvic mumbled, before starting to write down something in her notebook, and ignoring the boy next to her.

"Are you always this quiet?"  he asked her in a teasing manner.

"Lets just get this over with...." Crysvic stated, already annoyed.  The rest of the period went by with just the two of them asking questions and answering them.  The rest of the day went by normal.  He wasn't in any of her next classes, so Crysvic was thankful for that.  No more encounters with Red for the rest of the day.


OMG!!!! I AM SOOOOOO SORRY GUYS!!! i know it took me FOREVER to upload this..... i'm just busy... with school... and the homework...... like i seriously don't even have time for myself anymore...... this is what AP classes does to you.....and it sucks..... well i hope you guys can forgive me..... and please.....to all my ghost readers..... leave a comment on what you think or anything....i see you all.... well not really... but you know what i mean... i can see how many of you have read my story..... and i just want to know who my lovely reader are..... please, I don't bite.. i swear c:

I'll try to update soon.....

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