A Love Started With Hate

What started with pure hatred and annoyance for the new guy, "red",as they call him, turns into something more.... But with that one day Crysvic seems to not want to show her true feelings. Will she be able to tell him before it's too late? or will he be swept away by someone else? Does he even feel the same way? will he?


3. oh no!!! not him!!!

The morning classes went by the same way they always do.  Long and boring.  Or, in Crysvic's opinion they did.  She was currently sitting in her history class.  The teacher was going of about something having to do with the civil war.

'Who the fuck care!' She mentally yelled, tapping her pencil on the desk, obviously bored out of her mind.  Then in the middle of the teacher's rambling, there was a knock at the door.  'THANK GOD!' Crysvic thought as she released a sigh, thanking whomever it was at that interrupted the teacher.

"You can sit next to Crysvic, the the third row at the end" Crysic looked toward the teacher at the mention of her name.  Her eyes grew wide when she saw who exactly was standing next to the teacher.

"You've got to be kidding me" She spoke to herself quietly, before releasing a groan and dropping her head into her arms.  She heard the seat next to he's shift.  Knowingly she knew he had sat down already, but she had yet to raise her head.  The teacher didn't seem to notice her, and she was thankful for that.  And the red-eyed-freak kept silent, which she was also thankful for.  The bell soon rang, signaling the end of class.  Crysvic grabbed her backpack and rushed out of the classroom as quickly as she possibly could, without making herself look weird.  She hurried to her lunch table, hoping one of her friends was already there.  Lucky for her, Naidelyn and Maribel were already there.

"Hey" She greeted, setting her things on the table and taking a seat in front of the two girls.

"Hi? You're here early...." Naidelyn replied, looking at crysvic closely, to make sure there was nothing wrong with her.

"Is there something on my face?" Crysvic stated, using one of her hands to touch her cheek.

"No...... It's just that you're usually one of the last ones to get here....." Maribel spoke for Naidelyn.

"Oh....." Crysvic stated feeling awkward all of a sudden.

"HI!!!" Marangeli greeted, arriving at the table with Nona.  They both took an empty seat next to each other.  They were soon joined by Tabitha and Elizabeth a few seconds later.  "Crysvic? You're hear already?" Marangeli asked, turning to face her.

"Is that such a bad thing?" Crysvic questioned, teasing her friend.

"NO! No..... just different" Marangeli replied, putting on a crooked smile from the awkward tension that was in the air.  "So........ how were your guys's days so far?" Marangeli spoke to get rid of the awkwardness.  She got a few replies of 'fine' and 'boring as usual' but she noticed Crysvic remain silent.

"Hey Crysic?" Marangeli called out to the girl deep in thought.  And that alone startled the girl.

"Yeah?" Crysvic asked, confused on what was going on.

"Did you ever get the guy's name?" Marangeli stated, smirking.

"What guy?" She asked, still not knowing what was going on.

"You know who" Marangeli replied, the smirk never leaving her face.

"No I don- OH!!! him!!! no and why would I ask? He's annoying as hell!!!" Crysvic snapped, crossing her arms and frowning from the thought of the guy.

"Damn.. calm down.. I was only messing with you... you were too quiet" Marangeli explained.  Crysvic took a deep breath before deciding to speak.

"Sorry... It's just that he sits with me in History now that he got transferred to my class...." Crysvic explained.

"REALLY? wow........ that sucks for you..... oh look who's coming her right now!" Marangeli exclaimed.

"Who?" Crysic asked looking strangely at Marangeli, before deciding to turn around to see who exactly it was coming.  She wanted to scream when she saw exactly who.  'Why does he keep sowing up everywhere!' Crysvic thought to herself angrily before turning back around to face her friend, frowning.  Marangeli couldn't help but put on a cheeky smile when he finally arrived in front of the table, which if you didn't know, was right beside Crysvic.


I suck at cliff hangers so I hope this one wasn't that bad XD but sorry for not updating in the longest I've only been back in time for school since I was in mexico (with not internet or my laptop) in the past month XD hope you guys like it tho... Its not long and I'm sorry for that.. or so I think It wasn't that long....

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