A Love Started With Hate

What started with pure hatred and annoyance for the new guy, "red",as they call him, turns into something more.... But with that one day Crysvic seems to not want to show her true feelings. Will she be able to tell him before it's too late? or will he be swept away by someone else? Does he even feel the same way? will he?


5. I can't like him.... can't I??

Getting home and just laying in bed, Crysvic had a lot of time to think.  So it was no doubt that the red eyed boy she despised so much was haunting her thoughts.  Thoughts like: Did she really hate the boy? and, He never really did anything, so why do I hate him?

"Yes I do!  The boy got on my nerves from the get go!  Conceited bastard!!"  Crysvic yelled out in frustration.  Her brother had come knocking asking if she was alright, that when he was satisfied with her answer, he left as fast as he had arrived.  "UGGHH!!! why am I even thinking of him?!  He's not worth my time...." She angrily mumbled to herself as she decided that she would distract herself with playing a few games or so.


Hours Later, and still nothing.  The thought of him was still there, and she wasn't pleased.  'Why is he still HERE?!?' she thought to herself annoyed out of her mind.  'At least it's the weekend.... so i won't have to see his face...' She was pretty pissed.  She was close to ripping her hair out of her head due to frustration.  This wasn't like her.  She knew it wasn't, and it was all thanks to him!  She would not dare say his name, not while she thought she was going crazy.  Picking her phone up, she dialed the only person she knew that would help her figure what was wrong with her.

"Hello?" The person on the other side of the line answered.

"Oh.my.gawd! thank God you picked up, I need your help, come over?"  Crysvic stated feeling gracious and very thankful.

"Ok, be there in five"

"Thanks" and with that she hung up, and waited impatiently for her friend to arrive.

Literally five minutes later and the door bell rung.  Crysvic hopped off her bed and sped to the door.  Opening the door she was greeted by a tired look friend.

"That was quick... did you run over here??" Crysvic teased as they walked through the corridor that ed to her room.

"Shut up! so what's wrong?" Marangeli asked once they were in the safety of Crysvic's room.

"Well.... I think..... That...." Crysvic started off.

"That?" Marangeli ushered her on.

"That I may be going crazy...." Crysvic blurted out.

"Why do you say that?" Marangeli asked confused.

"Well..... Ican'tstopthinkingabouthim" she rushed out.

"Again? and slowly this time, I couldn't quite understand you" Marangeli requested, not able to decipher what her friend had just said.

"I said.... i can't stop thinking... about... HIM!" She restated, putting emphasis on the 'him'.

"Who? Red?" Marangeli asked, making sure she had the right guy in mind.

"Don't even say his name right now! but yeah....him" She stated, as her facial expression went from that of anger to one of worry.  There was a moment of pure silence before all that could be heard was Marangeli's laughter.  "Why the fuck are you laughing?!" Crysvic screamed, trying to get over her friend's laughter, now clearly pissed.

"Sorry.... sorry.... It's just that.... I was right" Marangeli explained going from full on laughing to a little chuckle.

"Right about what?" Crysvic demanded, still pissed.

"You're not gonna believe me.... but.... Crysvic... I think you like him" Now it  was Crysvic's turn to laugh.  Marangeli just frowned and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"You got to be kidding me..." Crysvic calmed down from her hysterical laugh as she whipped away tears that had managed to escape.  "You can't be serious?" She finished, sending her friend a look of disbelief.

"Well..... why else would be thinking f him nonstop?" Marangeli confronted.

"I don't know, but I certainly don't like him.... I hate his guts, remember?" Crysvic replied, walking over to her bed and laying down on it.

"Are you sure? Tell me Crysvic..... Do you by any chance.... get butterflied in your stomach when you're around him?"  Marangeli asked, trying to be subtle.

"A little bit, But they soon go away once I eat.... why?" Crysvic was now confused.

"And do you so happen to grow weak at the knees when he 'accidentally' touches you?" Marangeli ignored her question and just moved onto her ext question.

"Yeah, but it's because I'm tired and/or lazy" Crysvic was catching on to what she was doing.  She didn't know why, but she was growing nervous.

"Yeah, ok, if you say so..... Does your heart start racing when he talks to you?" Marangeli asked her final question.

"Yes, but it's do to anger!.... what's with the questions?" Crysvic asked afraid to hear the answer.

"Crysvic..... you DO like him" Marangeli stated in pure seriousness.  This time Crysvic didn't laugh.  She thought for a while before responding.

"But I'm sure I hate him......" Crysvic replied weakly, still in denial.

"Maybe you're just hiding your real feelings for him with those of hate....." Marangeli suggested.  "From what you're telling me, it sounds like you really do like him...just think about it..." She explained herself.

"Maybe...... but I don't want to.... I hate him.... I'm sure I do... or atleast I did...." She replied, still in denial.

"You'recovering up your feeling again, just feel....." Marangeli soothed, trying to help her friend realize her true feelings. Taking deep breaths, Crysvic thought to herself for a while, letting herself think.

Opening her eyes, she looked at Marangeli before she spoke, "I think I do like him..." She replied softly, with a small smile on her face, and her cheeks stained a light pink shade.


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