Complecated love

Alyssa is just your average girl with a secret. She secretly loves her bully Harry styles but will that change when she gets into a relationship with Louis tomlinson or will the feeling for harry remain. Also what will Harry do when he finds out about Alyssa's feellings for him will he like her back hurt her or both? Read to find out


3. Please don't

Alyssas POV


 I was on the phone with Louis when Harry barged in.  He had a gun. He slammed me against the wall and. I screamed his name in fear he slammed m phone against the wall and pushed me Harry started to hit me before I could even let out a quick yelp or even ask what was going on he just hit me all these years he has beat me up I never expected him to come in with a gun and I hate that I like him but I can't help it I just do I have no idea why and all different thoughts went through my head but the one I focused on was what the hell did I do to deserve all of this? He punched me agian this time makeing me bleed. I felt tears streaming down my face and he grabbed my face and told me to stop crying "yeah sure I will stop crying and just let you keep beating me to death I said a tear escapeing my right eye. "that's it he said sturnly. He took of all of my cloths and got naked. I couldn't BELIVE what was happening.

I was getting raped by Harry styles.



Harrys POV


I was rapeing her and as I was thinking that I never thought it would go this far but I guess she just got me sooo mad I couldn't take it anymore but as I was rapeing her I felt love it was like I loved her but I loved hurtinng her way more wow, what the fuck is wrong with me I am messed up. I finish after three hours.  She was good.  Really good. I smirked at her and told her to get in the shower I was goin to join her but first I had to look at her phone I mean It was right there I had to so I looked at her and Louis' messages and it was mostly all this gross love stuff they are so stupid. I hated them they were such a bad couPle.... Wait I wasn't jealous. Was I? No, of course not.


Alyssas POV


He ran in the shower and pulled me close to him "Harry please stop I'm begging you!!" I said In a panick.

He just did not understand any of this I was so sore it hurt do bad to even take a baby step.

that's what i didn't get why the hell did i like him. god i just want to be pretty and important to someone  but of course he didn't care so i screamed again and then out of no where somebody grabbed my hand and pulld me out.

it wa Louis. he rapped a towel aroung me and kissed my head. "go in the living room and sit on the couch i will be there in a moment ok sweetie?" he said kissing my head.

i nodded and went down the hallway.

as i went down the hall all the bad memories of harry came flooding back.  the main thing that bothers me is i had no fucking idea why i liked him i mean i really shouldn't like the guy that beat me up all the time god, why cant i just be perfect for once. why am i just the worthless one? i thought to my self, tears streaming down my face.



Louis'  POV


i walked in the room harry was in and he was in a white shirt and jeans. he bothered the shit out of me.  " you better watch your back styles, if you ever touch my girlfriend EVER again i will hurt you oh, and if you don't believe me...try me. i said pissed at him. then i picked up the gun that was in my pocket,  pointed it at him, shot right above him, "let that be your warning." i said flicking him off as i walked down the hallway into the living room where Alyssa wa sitting. i sat down on th couch and kissed her softly.


Alyssa's POV


Louis am i your princess? i asked smiling up at him. "for now" he said returning the smile.

"What do you mean for now" i said tears filling up my eyes. " well one day when we get married and we have a baby girl she will be my princess and you will be my Queen." he said a tear of happiness rolling down his face " let go home" he aid smileing. "ok, let me first go to thee bathroom ok' "k" love you' " love you tpo" he aid i walkd in to the bathroom and sat down. **after...**

i walked down the hallway , tears streaming down my face..

how the fuck am i going to tell Louis im pregnant with Harrys child..?



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