Complecated love

Alyssa is just your average girl with a secret. She secretly loves her bully Harry styles but will that change when she gets into a relationship with Louis tomlinson or will the feeling for harry remain. Also what will Harry do when he finds out about Alyssa's feellings for him will he like her back hurt her or both? Read to find out


2. My prince<3

HAlyssa's POV 

  those words, your mine kept flooding into my head over and over agian like a crazed stamped of wild bulls, I mean I like him and I want to be in a realationship with him but not this way not by force. I was still thinking of a way to say no to harry when Louis interrupted me. "hello love can I take you into the closet for a second?" ok that's such a normal and insuspitious question. "sure?"  When Louis pulled me into the closet in the hall It was light up with candles with rose peddles on the floor it looked pretty good for a janitors closet.  He sat down and started to sing on of my favorite songs, "your hand fits in mine like its made just for me"               *****after song**** I loved Louis he was so sweet. Then all of a Suddun he bent on one knee and said..., " Alyssa , I have loved you for so long without even knowing it and I was always to ask you out because I mean your perfect, gorgous, amazing,and funny and well I'm me. So I guess noes the time I finally get to ask the girl of my dreams out.. So Alyssa, will you be my princess? He said with a nervous look in his eyes. "ummmm I don't know you see Harry kind of gave me this note and... " Alyssa I know about the note he said cutting me of. "well if you know then why did you ask me?" Alyssa, I'm going to pretect you from him I love you and I need you to be mine and I will do what ever it takes to have you if he says that he will hurt me let him hurt me , if he says he will kill me , let him kill me, I can't lose you Alyssa." he said with tears streaming down his face.  "yes " I managed to squeeze out, I loved Louis I mean who wouldn't he made the most beautiful speech and he ment it if a guy that would die for you asked you out I think you would say yes I mean come on.    Louis' POV    I was probably the most happiest man alive at that moment I loved her I honestly did and knowing that I have my princess I'm the happiest price in the vally...ok that was a little cheesy but I've made my point. We walked out walking out of school with our finger intertwined as I said goodbye. " may I kiss you Alyssa" I said probably sounding like a loser. "you may" she answered back. I kissed he and it felt amazing I felt love and I knew she did by the way she smiled after. Oh how I loved her smile with her deep dimples and her sparkleing eyes. I pulled out my phone dialed Harrys number "hello?" he said "hey bitch you listen to me I'm dateing Alyssa whather you like it or not mkay? And if you don't like it kiss my ass bitch!" I hissed at him I felt dangorous haha. "no" he said " well here's the new plan manwhore styles if you don't let me date her or if you even touch Alyssa at all Gemma is dead. K? K bye. I said hanging up    Liam's POV      I was so confused I knocked on boo bears door ten minutes ago wtf he said he would be right back did he die like what the hell as all these weird and random memories went through my head I saw Someone bolting for me she hugged me and amediatly started crying. It was Gemma. " Louis said that if Harry hurt his girlfriend he would kill me and I know Harry isn't very nice and shit like that I never thought my best friend would ever do that to me" she said trying to hold back tears man, what did Louis get him self into?   Louis POV    I opened the door to only Gemma oh god I have some explaining to do. " Gemma I know your upset but I needed to tell Harry to stop and that was the only way you know I would never hurt you come on " I said in one big tiring breath all she did was hug me and smile wow , I was good at this. She left and I called Alyssa "hello" she said out of breath "hey princess Want to come over" I asked "I-I can't " she said disappointed  "why not ?" I asked Harry he-he's here" *she screams very loudly* "HARRY?!!!!" she screamed what was happening
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