Vampires and Dragons

Long ago there lived two dragons, Blue and Moon. Blue had way of getting in trouble with villagers. He was stubborn as a mule on a hot day. Moon had a way with the villagers to keep peace between them. She’s my dragon. Blue and moon only trusted one person, me and brother. My name is May and my brother name is alexander, Alex for short. Moon was always was my dragon. We talk though our minds. It’s actually really cool. We could say how dumb our brothers are. They wouldn’t know at all. This is me. The only one besides me and my brother that knows about blue and moon is my boyfriend, David


2. two

We woke up in the castle, my room, and people staring at us. Looking down I saw that we weren’t dressed so saying
“Get out!” and trying not wake David. They did as I said. But something was wrong. I felt down to stomach and felt something moving.
How is this happening!
What’s happening? I put his hand on my stomach. His mouth dropped open.
How is this happening?
I don’t know! He got up and he got dressed. He passed me some cloths, I got dresses. Everything in my mind racing. I couldn’t get it through my mind that I was pregnant! His mind wasn’t the same he was clam like a non praying in an empty room. 
Do you know what’s happening?
Yea I do it’s what my mom went through.
Wow. You mean that your mom was a vampire?
Half like me.
I’m half vampire, and so are you.
So this isn’t new to the vampire world?
No. That’s when I stop walking. He turned and looked at me. He got to the step where I was and grabbed me and kissed me. The kiss was filled with so much love and need it was wonderful.
    We got to the     end of the steps and everyone stared. David read their minds.
They know.
The way you look. You’ve got a baby belly already.
“Hi everyone.” I said. My mom was the first to speak. 
“I thought that if you turned you can’t have children?”
“Well, we’re only half vampires. So we can have children.” David answered.
“Oh. Well then how long till the baby is here?”
“Well, depending on what gender it is. Girl is about four months. Boys are about five months.”
“Okay. How far along do you think she is?” 
“Well about one or two months.”
I walked out the room and into the rose garden. I went on the path that my dad said to always stay on. I went off the path towards the west. I had a dream once to go this way. In the dream there was a tree with a swing on it. My dream had a girl about my age and pregnant and about same amount of time too. 
    I found the tree. I sat on the swing and an image came to me. There will be destruction and too many deaths to count. But who could do this? Then I saw Blue and my brother causing it. I fell off the swing. That’s when David came to my side. He must have known what I saw, I saw it in eyes. Then my brother came around the corner, we both looked at him.

I had to tell my parents about what I saw, but how do I tell them that their only son, my only brother, that he’s going to cause the mass destruction of the city. I’ve must have been thinking really long that when David came in it was 3 o’clock in the afternoon.
I’ve got it!
Got what?
I know how to tell them!
About what?
About what I saw on the swing this morning.
Oh okay. 
We got up and went to the living room where the family was and my brother. We asked if Alex could go to Blue so we could talk about things. He asked if he could stay put I said no. he did as I said. 
“We need to talk about Alex.”
“What’s wrong has something happened?”
“No, but something is going to happen.”
“Oh no, you went to the swing on the tree in the west didn’t you?”
“ Oh no not our only son, your only brother, what could get into him? Do you know what year or what day?”
“Well he was about the same age as he is now. I guess any time soon.” She started crying at that point. Alex came into the room, my father came up to him and sent him to his room. It was kinda funny the way face light up bright red like a beat.  

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