Vampires and Dragons

Long ago there lived two dragons, Blue and Moon. Blue had way of getting in trouble with villagers. He was stubborn as a mule on a hot day. Moon had a way with the villagers to keep peace between them. She’s my dragon. Blue and moon only trusted one person, me and brother. My name is May and my brother name is alexander, Alex for short. Moon was always was my dragon. We talk though our minds. It’s actually really cool. We could say how dumb our brothers are. They wouldn’t know at all. This is me. The only one besides me and my brother that knows about blue and moon is my boyfriend, David


3. three

David's POV
when Alex walk in my father in law grounded him to his room. he was not to leave his room until further notice. May is getting bigger by the hour. i mean the baby is getting bigger. i'm so lucky to have a girl like her. i mean i don't deserve her or her family. yet here i am standing with the most beautiful woman in the city no in the world. no not just a woman a vampire.
                                  May's POV
 why is he staring at me do i have something on me.
"why are you staring?"
"because your so beautiful and i was thinking how did i get such a wonderful and beautiful girl like you."
"ooooooooohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you know how much i love you?"
"no but i bet i love you more!"
" no way i smaller so i can pack in more in smaller spaces!"
" no i'm bigger so i can store more love in my body!"
then broke in
" oh how lovely the young love birds talking about love."
"oh i'm soooo soorrry" she said " oh can you check on your brother?"
"sure. David you want to come with...."
"you sure i would love to"
we got up off the couch and went up stairs around a corner up more stairs until we came to his room. we knocked no answer. so we went in to my surprise he was making out with a girl from school. they didn't even see us until i gasped. the girl turned bright red my brother only said in a dark voice.
I closed the door and wonder if the girl was the reason for city destruction. but who knows.
i ran down stairs with David hot on my trail. my parents looked up when i ran in. 
i have to tell them
i don't know
you want me to tell them then
sure butt how are going to-
" Gina and Robert we have something to tell you. also we think it may end up in world destruction." David said.
" by what do you mean?" my mother said.
" we saw Alex kissing a girl from his school." i spoke this time.
"What?!?!?" my dad said.
" yeah we think that if they break up and some guy takes her he'll go all crazy and destroy the city or even the world." 

May's POV
 The room around me began to fall into darkness. Without a word i fell back into someone's arms. i knew who it was, my husband. through i couldn't see doesn't mean i couldn't hear the things around me. David's talking. the soothing sound of his voice, the sound of soft waves hitting the rocks on a rocky beach cost. the voice of a brave yet thoughtful man.  the voices started to fade, the darkness started to lighten. i see my brother and a girl kissing. it was after the disuction. he really loves her. she really loves him.

  i wake up in Davids arms. hes asleep. man hes strong. i tried to lift his arm off of me, but it backfired and come crushing down on my. i reach up and kissed his lips. he kissed back. hes awake.
" u know my brother might not be so bad"  u say. he looks at like 'what in the name of god r u talking about' i laughed at him. 
" I saw him after his distruction and it was the girl that saved him from his wrong path. All along she was to save him not to break his heart. Wow!" I said really fast. David just nodd  and looked like he was in deep thought. I just looked at him. Waiting for him to say 

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