Christina, Sattler gets kidnapped the day her brother left. One lucky day the guy that kidnapped her take her to the mall for her 18th birthday. When she goes she gets a very big surprise. After a few months will she fall in love with one of the boy, or will she be kidnapped again? Read to find out!


8. Wake up!

 Christina's P.O.V

I woke up in a hospital bed everyone except Niall and Liam were in my room. " What happened? Why am I in a hospital room? Niall! Liam! Where are they?" I started to panic. Zayn and Louis rushed over to me. Louis sat right next to me while Zayn hugged me. I was still panicking. " Shh! Christina calm down Niall is fine he just has a broken leg and some cuts! Liam no-..." Louis starts but Zayn cut him off. " Christina your in here because when you got here you fainted. The doctor said it was just too much stress!" " Liam? What is wrong with him? I need to see him and Niall! I need to see them now!" I told them. " You are allowed to see Niall after the doctor takes a look at you." And at that cue the doctor walks in holding a binder. " Ahh.! Young Christina your awake! How do you feel?" She asked me. " I have felt worse but I am starting to get a head-ache!" I told her. She nodded her head and gave Zayn some pills and told him to give them to me 3 times a day for the next week. She said I am under too much stress. Zayn told her he would and I saw Louis get up and sign some papers. I was getting confused. Zayn walked over to me and handed me two pills plus a glass of water.  I thanked him while Louis walked over to me with some clothes. " What did you sign? Were those my release papers?" He just nodded while handing me my clothes. I tried getting up but got dizzy. Luckily Zayn caught me before I hit the ground. I thanked h again and walked into the bathroom. I changed into some skinny jeans, tank top,a sweatshirt, and some flats. I walked out of the bathroom to a Louis. " Where did Zayn go?" I asked. " He went to go tell Niall that you were coming." I nodded my head and walked behind Louis to the door. We walked down the hall into another room. I stepped inside to see Niall sitting up on an uncomfortable bed. Harry must have been with Liam because he wasn't in here. " Can you guys go check on Liam and see if there has been any progress with him?" Niall asked Zayn and Louis. They just walked out of the room with pain-struck faces. It hurt to see that. I turned around and stood next to Niall's bed. He patted the space next to him while he scooted over. I shook my head " I don't want to hurt you. So I will just stand." " Don't be stupid. C'mon just sit. Your hurting me by standing. Just sit down you'll be fine." Niall said. I hesitantly sat down next to hi and put my head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and kissed the top of my head. I started crying into my hands. " Hey! Hey why are you crying! I'm fine see!" Niall tried comforting me. " Because it's my fault you and Liam are here! And what is wrong with Liam no one will tell me? Don't lie please I need to now how bad it is!" I said into my hands waiting for an answer. " Liam! I- I cant tell you because it is hard to explain. You will have to see for yourself! And why would you ever think it's your fault! It was just and accid-" I cut him off " YES IT IS NIALL! IT'S MY FUALT!I'M THE REASON THAT YOU AND LIAM ARE HERE! HE FOUND ME OK! HE FOUD ME! I GOT A CALL FROM HIM A FEW DAYS AGO!" I yelled at him. I felt him flinch from me when I got up off the bed. I couldn't look at him so I stood facing the wall. On the verge of crying I whispered loud enough for him to hear me. " I got a call from him. He said I would pay for leaving him. He said I would be sorry and I need to keep a careful eye on you guys. He told me that when he would get rid of everyone I love. Starting with you or Liam! I'm so sorry! It's my fault! It's my fault that you and Li are in here. I should have never let you guys take me. I should have stayed with him and you would go back to your perfect life. All I do is make things go bad. Starting from when you got me from that stupid orphanage. " " Hey! Hey stop that! You didn't know this would happen and you haven't ruined my life. My life was never perfect since the day you left! I changed. I spent 2 years looking for you and when I wasn't I was with the boys or mum and Greg. I always talked about you. There was never a day that I didn't think about you! Wondering where you were! It killed me when I got that call from mum and Greg that night saying you were taken. I cried for weeks. I love you so much and I don't blame you! I am also very glad that you did let us take you because that meant I finally got my sister back! That was the happiest day of my life. So do not say sorry for anything because I don't blame you and I never will. I promise! Never, Never!" He sounded so hurt. I turned around and saw tears streaming down his face. He had his arms extended towards me. I walked over and layed next to him wrapping my arms around him. I looked up at him and he wiped my tears off of my cheeks. I kissed his cheek and layed my head on his chest. His arms were still wrapped around me. My phone then started to ring. Niall looked at me while I pulled my phone out of my back pocket. " Answer it and out it on speaker if it is him ok. Don't worry I'm here!" Niall said to me. I answered it " Hello." " Hello Christina. How has your day been?" It was him. I put it on speaker. Niall tensed up when I talked to him.  " I am hurt! Why did you do this? Why did you have to hurt them?" I asked him " Ha Ha Christina I warned you but you didn't listen to me now did you! Hello Niall how is the leg?" " How did you ..." Niall was about to say but he cut him off "How did I know? Well like I told Christina I am always watching. You can't see me but I can see you! I will warn you again Christina come back to me and I wont hurt your pretty boy! Oh What's his name. Liam that's it Liam! He got lucky next time he wont be in a coma! He will be permanently taken care of! You were warned! Goodbye Christina and Niall!" With that he hung up. How did he know no one knew I liked Liam. I never told a soul. Not even Perri knows and I told her everything. All my secrets and dreams! Everything! " My mate! You like Liam! How could you do that to me?" Niall whispered. I just got off the bed and walked towards the door. I was facing the door with my hand on the handle." Niall I'm sorry I have to go! I cant stay any longer! I'm so so sorry! I love you so much! It has been great seeing you again! Tell Liam that he was my best friend and I loved him. I just wished we could've been more. Tell everyone I'm so sorry and that I love them! I'm sorry Niall! Goodbye!" I ran out before he could say anything. As I ran down the hall. I saw the boys coming out of Liam's room. They saw me and I just pushed past them. I ran out of the hospital. I could hear the boys running after me. Harry caught up to me and stopped me.

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