Christina, Sattler gets kidnapped the day her brother left. One lucky day the guy that kidnapped her take her to the mall for her 18th birthday. When she goes she gets a very big surprise. After a few months will she fall in love with one of the boy, or will she be kidnapped again? Read to find out!


6. A New and Old Friend!

         Christina's P.O.V

 The boys were at the studio and Perri left today to go on tour. She will be gone for 5 months. And Zayn! He wont get to see his love. I promised her that I would keep him in line and that he will talk to her all the time. Harry had to stay with me because Simon doesn't like the idea of having a 'mentally disabled' on tour with them. Harry didn't want to be at the hotel anymore and so we decided that we would go to Starbucks. I never really like coffee or tea but I will drink it if I have too.  Harry and I were walking down the alley so we could escape from the screaming fans. We tried to go through the front but the hotel was swarmed by them. They pulled my hair and clawed me. Paul ( One Direction's bodyguard) told us we had to go back inside. We decided that we would sneak out back.  We walked to the nearest Starbucks. Harry and I got chocolates and we were about to leave. When I ran into someone. " Shit!" Then Harry elbowed me while glaring at me also. I yelped "OW! HAROLD EDWARD STYLES THAT BLOODY HURT!" "Don't curse. You know I hate that so much. It bothers me so stop it!" I started glaring at him not realizing that two girls were still in front of us. " Oh! Sorry loves we didn't see you there!" Harry casually told them. They both said its fine at the same time. You know in that creepy way. " Hi my name is Ally and this is Savannah. Your Christina Horran and Harry Styles right?" Ally said. Ally had blonde hair, green-hazel eyes, tannish skin and looks about 18. Savannah was black, had brown eyes, black short hair and looked about in her early 20's. "  Yes we are. How old are you girls? Maybe we could hang out today." I asked them. " Sure we would love to join you! Let us get our drinks and we can go. And Ally turned 18 in August and I am 22. I'm turning 23 next Monday. " Savannah said I looked over at Harry and he seemed distant. " Harry what's wrong? Talk to me! You can tell me anything and you know that so spill!"  Harry looked like he was about to cry. So I walked over to the girls to get their numbers and tell them to meet us at the hotel. They said "ok, see you then." I waved by to them and grabbed Harrys hand.

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