Christina, Sattler gets kidnapped the day her brother left. One lucky day the guy that kidnapped her take her to the mall for her 18th birthday. When she goes she gets a very big surprise. After a few months will she fall in love with one of the boy, or will she be kidnapped again? Read to find out!


1. When will it stop!

                    Chris's P.O.V

    Darkness surrounds me no matter where I go! One person I trusted and they left me. Abandoned me! Its not fair! I was always there! I never understood though. Why he left me when I needed him most! He was my best friend. My own brother. Sure he was chasing his dream but still. My name is Christina, Sattler Horran My adopted last name is Horran, but I kept me last name so I am now Christina Marie Sattler Horran. I am 17 years old, 5'10 ft tall, and American with an Irish accent. I have blonde hair that comes down mid-back that is dyed dark red. I have blue, green, grey eyes. They are very unique. Niall Horran from One Direction is my older brother. We use to be so close before he left to go on the X-Factor. He was actually the one that picked me out at the orphanage. My parents died in a car accident. I blame myself because I was the only survivor. The night Niall left was the night I was taken from everything I loved. The worst part was he hurt my mom. he took me after he knocked out my mother. I haven't seen my family I years.  He most likely stopped looking for me years ago. I cry myself to sleep every night ever since I was taken.

         August 23,2013

  Today is my birthday. I turn 18 today. I should be happy but I cant be ever again until I escape or get saved. Oh you should guess what my presents are. Here is a hint they are not good at all. I get beat ,cut by whips knives, or raped. Maybe all in one day. Terrible right! Well that has been my life for years.

     I am tied you to a chair being punched and slapped in the face. I  have blood coming from my eye, nose, and lip. I cant scream though. I cant talk anymore, and if I cant talk I cant scream. He is beating me senseless. I have live with this guy for years and I don't even know his name at all and he wont tell me either. I haven't eaten in days. I get 1 piece of bread a week and one foam cup of water a day. I watched my pursuer come towards me with a knife. He glides the blade across my leg and I watch the blood just drip off my leg onto the floor. He gave me a pen and paper (that's how I beg to him) and I start writing on the paper. " PLEASE,PLEASE! No more I cant take it! Do anything else! just not this. Its my birthday. JUST PLEASE!" When I was done he grabbed the paper from me, and read it. He nodded his head and said " Ok, when I untie you. You get on the bed in the corner. Maybe I will take you to the mall and l will let you get another pair of clothes since I burnt the other ones yesterday. AND DO NOT RUN OR  I WILL KILL YOU! GOT IT!" I nodded my head. He untied. I ran to the bed and lied down on it. I silently cried because if he heard he would slap me across the face. He started taking off his clothes and I think you know what happened next.

         .............10 minutes later......   

    He got off of me and put on his pants. He went into the next room. He came in later with my bra and knickers. With a shirt, shoes, and some skinny jeans. He turned around to let me get dressed. I hurriedly put them on my body. I walked over to him. I tapped on his shoulder. He turned around and grabbed my hand. We walked out of the room and we were outside. It was so bright outside. I covered my eyes. While looking at me he rolled his eyes when he saw me cover mine. We started walking down the block. He turned left and there was the mall. Once we walked in he turned to me. I looked straight at him in the eyes. " Ok I'm letting you go but keep close to me. I will always be watching you. Promise!"  He stuck his pinky out at me and I wrapped mine around his. Such a child. He always promises stuff with the pinky promise crap. IDIOT! He let go and I ran to the food court. I was so hungry! I accidentally ran into a beautiful girl that had purple hair. " Oh sorry love .Didn't see you there. Hi my name is Perri." She held out her hand. I gladly took it and shook it. I just smiled at her like an idiot.  I mouthed 'I cant speak' to her and surprisingly she understood me! I then mouthed ' Hi I am Christina Sattler Horran' and she understood that as well. then we heard someone call her name." Perri where are you at." She told me that was her boyfriend Zayn. I nodded my head. He finally found us along with 4 other guys. "Perri why did you run off. And who is this?" Zayn asked her. " Well, babe I ran off because you were getting mobbed and this is Christina Sattler Horran." They all looked at me. All 5 boys had their hoods up. But each one put their hood down. First Zayn, than curly, then birthmark, then old dude, and last was..... WAS NIALL!


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