Skinny Love

Little Miss Malik... Yes that's me... Hanging out with my dads best friends sons... Trying to fit in with them... Trying to fit in. Fall in love. But being pushed away or not trusted?!?! But everything has been happening so fast... And maybe too fast... But maybe at the perfect time...


3. You Know What You Did...


       As I ran to the water I slowed down a bit. I stopped where there was wet sand and the wind was blowing through my hair. I took a deep breath and then walked in. My feet melted into the sand. The waves crashed onto my thighs soaking me. I stopped and took a big breath for a moment and was taking in everything. About Sal and yeah mostly about him.



        Just as I was about to walk out to sit in the sand because I didn't want to get my hair wet Johnny comes running to me grabs my waist and pulls me in through the wave. The he starts splashing me. I was drenched. And my hair was dripping and my make up was running. "Oh it's on!" I say to him. I try to tackle him in the water. My eyes look like raccoon eyes because there is black all under and over them. "Hey...hey...hey you can't tackle me!" He says. Which confused me. I smirked an asked "Why not?" He looked at me with a smirk. "Because I'm gonna drown you!!!" He screams and he grabs me with his hand on my thigh and his other hand on my arm. He twirls me in the air and pushes me down through the wave. I got up from that forceful dunk and start laughing and chocking at the same time. "That was *cough* *cough* so much fun." I swallowed a lot of water though. "Are you okay?" He asked. "Wait first you want to drown me and now your asking if I'm okay?!?" I start laughing. "What can I say I'm a typical guy."





Since it didn't matter that my hair was wet I decided to stay in longer. Allie came over to me and we started to have a bit of a splashing war because she wouldn't stop whispering stuff about Noah into my ear. She is completely boy crazy... No joke! I tried to get her to stop by splashing her away. Apparently Noah wanted to join the action and he started splashing both of us. "What? Noah!" We started gasping at him in a funny way. "I like to splash..." Was his reply. "I say we get the others..." Noah says. A devious smirk shows across my face. "Agreed" i reply.



We held out fire and decided to annoy the others. We both went over to Sal and James and started to splash them. They sort of got the picture and started to splash us back. Then all 'pretty and perfect' Nicole came into the water and didn't want to get her hair wet because her hair was in a big bun at the top of her head. "No... Na ah no! no splashing me I only want to get my legs wet." She practically yells at all of us. "C'mon babe it's super hot out and we are all having fun." James says trying to convince her. I can see where this relationship is going. We decided not to listen and I got a little too carried away because she was annoying me and i started splashing her. Then Allie joined in and so did Noah,Sal, Johnny and James. She looked at us and decided just to jump in because she was already soaked.



Her face had a bad expression on it. She gave me a dirty look then went to James and gave him a kiss on the cheek.


Then Sal noticed me getting annoyed and he distracted me but getting me to have a tackle fight. He tugged my hair and so I got mad and tugged his little hair. Then he kicked me underwater. I jumped onto his back. He looked up at me and gave me a devious smirked. I playfully slapped him in the head. He started to give me a piggyback around the water. He would try to scare me by pretending he was gonna go really deep in or would make me fall off a bit. I'm not that tall so if he went in deep I would be lost. Instead he went over to Allie and Noah and we said hi to them. "Uhmm whats going on?" Allie asked. "Uhm nothing we were arguing so he gave me a piggyback ride." I say while he puts me down.




       After about twenty minutes I went back to where we were keeping our stuff. I was there all alone playing on my iPhone trying to tan a bit. I had my glasses on so it would block the suns rays. I laid there on my towel for a bit watching them have fun in the water. I noticed that one person was missing. It was a girl because I counted 4 boys. "Nicole" I whispered under my breathe. "Hey" she said as she came closer to me. "Hi" I say trying to ignore her. She came a bit closer and was blocking the sun. "Your blocking my sun" I say with my eyes closed. "I don't care." I lifted my sunglasses up and said "excuse me?" Nicole looked at me with a smirk and wouldn't move. "I know what your trying to do. And it won't work!" She said which confused me a lot. "What did I do?" I ask. "You know exactly what you did." 



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