Skinny Love

Little Miss Malik... Yes that's me... Hanging out with my dads best friends sons... Trying to fit in with them... Trying to fit in. Fall in love. But being pushed away or not trusted?!?! But everything has been happening so fast... And maybe too fast... But maybe at the perfect time...


4. Losing Trust

Amber's POV

   "What do u mean 'Did something?'" I said with a little grudge in my voice. I gritted my teeth. I was now standing up looking at her. "Like you don't know!" She said. "I really don't" I said sounding innocent with a little laugh at the end.


    "How do you not know that me and Sal hooked up like two months ago?" I didn't know what to say. The sand was  burning my feet and I was looking at her trying to stop the tears from flowing out my eyes. "Your lying" I said. "Am not!" She said snobby. "He would've told me" I replied trying to serve her. "I guess he kept it a secret from you... He probably doesn't trust you..." My eyes were watering, I was now biting my tongue. I want to launch at her."No he trusts me I'm his best friend." I was getting worried now. The sun was making me sweat.



   The boys must of saw us going at each other and Sal and Liam came over to us. Nicole put on a smile and ran to Liam. "Hey baby" she said hugging his neck. "Is everything okay?" Liam said glaring at me. "Yeah we saw you too a little red." Sal said arriving right next to me. He put his arm around me and I pushed it off. He looked at me and smiled and I turned away. He gave me a confused look. I couldn't look him in the eyes. "Bye Amber..." Nicole said giving me a devious smile and walked away with Liam moving her closer to the water with his arm around her shoulder.


    I still wouldn't look at him. He was confused. He held my waist and I moved away. Then he pulled my face around with his finger and was a little confused. "What happened? What did she say? Why are you mad." He said trying to get everything out of me. "Are you kidding?" I asked. "No" he replied.  "Like how you didn't trust me and never told me that you were sucking lips with Nicole?" I said annoyed.



  I pulled away and went to walk to the beach bathrooms which was really disgusting but I needed to go somewhere to cry. Sal held my arm and pulled me closer. "Amber listen..." He said kind of helpless. "No!" I said. He wouldn't let go though. "I didn't want to tell you..." He said. "Oh really why not? Huh were you afraid? And if it was someone why would you hook up with her. She's a snob. She really annoys me!" I said defensively.



   "No I didn't because..." And he stopped. "Because I didn't want you to be upset... And jealous." I was thrown back. "Why would I be jealous?" I said pushing him a little. I was furious. "Because..." Now we are back to this. I rolled my eyes and pushed my hair out of my way. It flipped over and landed how I usually keep it. I closed my eyes for a second and took a deep breath. "What's because..." I said. "Because I don't know stop questioning me!" He said. "Tell me!" I said smiling a little. I can predict what was going to come out of his mouth. "Because you love me!" He said rushing every single word.


   WHAT?!?! I thought he was going to say he loved me. "What?!?!" I said thrown aback. "You love me!" He insisted again. He turned his head around looking near the water then licking his lips. I was mad. "And you don't like me back?" I said. "No..." He said. His eyes wandered around. "Good because I'm done talking to you and I don't 'love' you" I exaggerated 'love'. "Don't go..." He said looking at me with sad eyes. I couldn't resist his sad eyes. "Don't worry I'll be fine go talk to the people you trust..." I said with a snobby tone. He looked at me a little confused.



   I was not letting this go. He can trust me with anything. "Don't do this!" He screamed at me walking away. "Already am..." I said and I could tell his eyes were trained on me until I was out of sight. I got into the bathroom and cried. "Why her.... Why not me... I love him and it tears me apart. Am I unhookable... But why her among all women? My best friend who I love going out with my enemy! This is going to be an interesting day.


As I was about to walk out onto the board walk my phone lit up. It was my dad. I hit the 'answer' button and tried to suck everything up. All of my tears and breathed in real hard so he wouldn't hear how obviously hurt I am. "Hey sweetie why did you never call me?" He asked. I was in no mood so I just said "Oh I was in the water." My voice cracked when I said 'water'.



"Gosh" I whispered to myself. "Are you crying, Amber?" he said a little concerned. "No I'm fine dad really." I said. "No Amber you don't. Do you want me to come pick you up?" He asked. "No...No" I repeated. "Are you sure?" He said very over protectedly.


 "Dad I'm not crying. I have to go. I'm going to try and win some games at the arcade. I'll talk to you soon." I said trying to end the conversation immediately. "Okay honey but if that 'Styles' does anything to you, You call me!" He said. I love my dad though he has always looked out for me since I was little. And besides I was always the little girl of the group. "Love you Dad." I said. "Love you too sweetie." He said and I hit end on the phone.

                                                                                                                                                                          I walked out of the bathroom feeling a little  better. I wasn't looking in the direction I was going because I was trying to put my phone away and I accidently hit into someone. "Oops sorry" He said. I looked into his eyes and we legit stared at each other for like a minute straight...

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