Skinny Love

Little Miss Malik... Yes that's me... Hanging out with my dads best friends sons... Trying to fit in with them... Trying to fit in. Fall in love. But being pushed away or not trusted?!?! But everything has been happening so fast... And maybe too fast... But maybe at the perfect time...


1. Beach Life

                  My eyes opened slowly staring at the ceiling of my messy bedroom. I didn't move. I stayed where I was still tired from staying up late last night. The light from my window was shining through from the shades. The light peered over me as I turned to face my clock that was on the bedside table. 9:45 on the dot. I dragged myself out of bed and decided that the floor looked comfy. I laid there for a good 10 minutes and then I decided it was time to get my day started. I went to get up and my phone rang and lit up. I grabbed it and it was a text from Johnny. It read "Hey Amber, the boys and i are going to the beach at 11:30 i hope you can make it!" I quickly responded :"okay ill ask my dad" I walked down the stairs and I pulled out my cereal. "Good morning sleeping beauty." My dad said smiling. "Good morning annoying" I said with a little smirk. "Dad can I go to the beach today? All my friends are going!" I asked hopefully. "What friends?" Great I always hated this question. "We'll I know my friends Allie, Salvatore Styles, Johnny Tomlinson, James Payne, Noah Horan, and Joey Devine."I sort of whispered the boys names so he wouldn't freak out. He sat there thinking. "You better watch out for that Styles he takes after his father..." I laughed a bit. "Okay fine you can go but I want one more girl going" great who can I invite. "Who?" I asked a but annoyed and excited. "I want you to bring your little sister." My heart stopped. "Dad no... No I'm not dragging around a 12 year old around the beach with me just no!" Why does he do this to me. "No dad or ill mess your hair" I made him laugh. "You mess my hair and you won't be going anywhere. And I was joking have with your friends but I want you to call me every hour and when I call you, you better pick up or ill be really mad." A smile grew on my face. "Okay thank you so much daddy!!!" I smile running over to him and giving him a kiss on the cheek. I grabbed my phone and called Allie while running up the stairs "ALLIE your coming to the beach with me today with the boys!" She screeched and said "Yay let me go ask my parents." She dropped the phone down and ran away. 2 minutes later she screams in my ear "I CAN GO, ill be at your house at 11 so we can go!" "Kk bye!" We both hung up. I shut my door and locked it. I went crazy searching for a bathing suit. I finally found one. It was a a black bottoms with a beautiful patterned top which was a twist bikini. I took my clothing off and put that on. Then I went searching through my draws for shorts and a shirt. I found denim shorts from Delias and a short shoulder shirt with a heart on it. I took the comb from my shelf and started combing my long dark brown hair. My hair was really thick and was dark brown like my dads. Everyone says I take after my dad but I also look like my mom. I clipped my hair up with a white clip. I went to my closet and took out a change of cloths for the rides later tonight. I also took some money, tanning lotion, a comb, some make up, and a towel. My phone was in my back pocket. I took out some make up and put mascara, black liquid eyeliner on the top of my eye lid and regular eyeliner on my water line. By the time I was done getting ready it was 11. 

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