Cece is a normal 16 year old girl. She had perfect grades and according to her she had a perfect boyfriend, but her father disapproves of him. Her mum had died when she was 9 in a car crash and was left with her dad, Billy. When summer hit, her father made it clear he didnt want Cece seeing Harry at all. But what happenes when he finds out she snuck away with him one night and is planning to marry him?
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5. Chapter 4


I stood in the shower, letting the hot water wash over my body. Id just ran from my father. It was wrong leaving him like my mum had.. but she died in the process of it. My hand turned the handle on the wall, shutting off the water and stepping out the shower. I dried my hair and body, wrapping the towel around my body before walking out into the cool hall. My suitcase had been placed in Harrys room.

The zip was pulled open as I searched for something warm to wear. I settled on some joggers and an old black shirt with a faded Mickey on it. My hair had been taken up in a messy bun before walking down into the living room and sitting next to Mrs. Anne on the sofa.

"You ok, baby?" She moved closer and hugged me. "Gemma came home while you were showering. Shes up in her room." She smiled. The scrunched up face she did made me quietly giggle. It made her look silly. "Ill be ok." I weakly smiled before getting up to find Gemma.

I walked down the hall, knocking before walking into her room. A smile spread across my face when Id seen her. Her whole face had lit up when she saw me. She basically tackled me as I began to walk to her. "Where have you been?!" She questioned as we sat on the end of her bed. "Locked in a room." I joked.


"And he hasnt even allowed you to see any friends all summer?" She asked in disbelief as we both crossed our legs on the bed, facing each other. "Nope." My hands rested on my lap. "I cant believe he would do that just because he doesnt like my brother." "I dont know what Harry even did to make my dad not like him." I strugged my shoulders, eyes looking at the bedspread.

I wonder if she knew we were going to get married. Maybe I should tell her anyway. I held out my hand showing her the ring. "Oh my gosh!" She pulled my hand to get a closer look. Seconds of silence passed before I heard her loudly shriek. "We're gonna be sisters!" She jumped up and down in place on her bed. I laughed as she slipped off the bed and flopped onto the floor.

My hand covered my mouth. "Im so sorry." I mumbled into my hand, giving her my free hand to help her off the floor as she laughed at herself. "When did he..." "Last night at the beach." I smiled. I jumped as my phone buzzed in my pocket. It was a text from my boss, Ashly.

From Ashly: "You missed work, Cece!!"

Me: "Im sorry Ash I was moving. I shouldve called. xx"

I sent the text. Then I noticed I had 12 missed calls from my dad. I decided to ignore them. "I missed work today." I told Gemma who was silent. "Anywaaay." I set my phone down on the bed next to me. "Whats your dad going to say when he finds out?" She raised an eyebrow. "I wont tell him..." I bit my lip nervously.

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