Cece is a normal 16 year old girl. She had perfect grades and according to her she had a perfect boyfriend, but her father disapproves of him. Her mum had died when she was 9 in a car crash and was left with her dad, Billy. When summer hit, her father made it clear he didnt want Cece seeing Harry at all. But what happenes when he finds out she snuck away with him one night and is planning to marry him?
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2. Chapter 2

"Harry? Is that you?" Harrys mum called from the living room as he turned on the hall light. "Yeah." He called back. "Go and wait in the living room, Ill go get you some dry clothes." He said before jogging up the stairs. I giggle as he almost slipped on the last step.

I walked into the living area. Harrys mum sat on the sofa, a tisue held to her face as she sobbed while watching a romance film. "Umm, Mrs. Cox." I walked fully into the room. Her head sharply turned to me. "Oh my gosh. Cece!" She ran up to me and crushed me in a huge hug. The smell of her Pink perfume filled my sences. "Gosh youre soaked sweety. We've missed you terribly." She held me at arms length.

Harry cleared his throat as he stood in the door frame with clothes in his hands. He had a fresh pair of jogger on his lower body, standing with no shirt. "I got you some of Gemmas clothes." He held them out for me to take. Anne let go of my shoulders as I walked towards Harry and grabbed the clothes. "You know where the bathroom is." He stepped to the side letting me pass.

I skipped up the stairs and down the dimly lit hallway and into the bathroom next to Gemmas room. The door was locked behind me before I stripped off only leaving my knickers and bra on. The tank top was pulled down my torso and the shorts up my tanned legs. There was a ponytail on the sink which I pulled my hair into a messy bun with. I took a glance in the mirror before walking down the hall once again into Harrys bedroom.

He sat on his bed fiddling around on his phone. When he heard me walk in he immediately looked up. Dimples popped into his cheeks. He looked adorable. I closed the door behind me before making my way over to him. I sat on the end of his bed, unsure of what to do next. There was no doubt I was afraid my dad might catch me later but that didnt seem to bother me right now.

"Come here, beautiful." He held out his hand. I accepted the gesture. My lips quickly pressed to his in a heated kiss. I wanted to feel him. My hands moved into his hair, tugging his ringlets. A soft moan vibrated through his chest. It took me a little by surprise. His fingers hooking under the fabric of the tank top, pulling it off and tossing it across the room.

A giggle escaped my lips as he hungrily kissed at my collarbones. "So soft." He mumbled against my skin. My lips parted, eyes screwing shut. Harrys touch was all over my entirety. Our breathing seemed to increase by the minute. Harrys joggers were slowly pulled down revealing his black boxers. A moan escaped my parted lips as Harry curved my backside. "Shhh." He hushed, biting on his lower lip.

Harrys fingers pealed the shorts off leaving me in my lace underwear and bra. His eyes travelled up and down my body. The bulge in his boxers becoming increasingly prominent. My head rolled onto his shoulders as he kissed and sucked at my neck. A gasp escaped my lips as Harry unclasped my bra and slowly eased it off. "Its ok." His eyes stayed locked with mine. He pecked my lips once more. His hand grabbing hold of mine and guiding it down to the band on his boxers. I think he could sence my increase of pulse as he played with my hair, hoping to distract me.

That calmed me. If I was upset, tired, stressed, anything, Harry would play with my hair to calm me or make me feel better. It always worked.

My shaky fingers hooked into the band at the top of his boxers, slowly peeling off the clothing. The last peice of clothing was my underwear which Harry took little time in getting them off.

His hands grasped my waist, flipping me over so he was now on top. His lips making contact with my skin, sucking softly. "You ready?" He asked, looking down at me. I nodded my head. His hand moved down between us. I winced as his errection pressed slowly into me. My eyes screwed closed. I heard him huff as he rested his weight on his forearms. His head moved into the crook of my neck. I let out a cry as his hips rolled forward, him pressing all the way in. "Im sorry." He spoke into my skin.

"Do it again." I opened my eyes to see his eyes full of guilt. "Please." I begged. He took in a deep breath before moving his hips again. Soon my small cries of pain turned into pleasure ones. Harrys curls flopped over his face, small ringlets sticking to his forehead. My hand pushed back the hair in his face as he continued a steady pace. My moans becoming louder. Harrys mouth pressing to mine trying to contain them so no-one else heard. As Harry rolled his hips forward again, there was a burst of pleasure throughout my entirety. My eyes opening widely, my chest rising and falling rapidly. Harrys mouth still pressed to mine. Seconds later Harry let go inside me, his eyes screwing shut but didnt break the kiss.

Hed collasped on top of me seconds later. Our breathing was heavy, coming out in puffs. My hands were tangled in his ringlets, playing with them. It was so hot. Harrys fingers entwined with mine, thumb rubbing the backside.

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