Cece is a normal 16 year old girl. She had perfect grades and according to her she had a perfect boyfriend, but her father disapproves of him. Her mum had died when she was 9 in a car crash and was left with her dad, Billy. When summer hit, her father made it clear he didnt want Cece seeing Harry at all. But what happenes when he finds out she snuck away with him one night and is planning to marry him?
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1. Chapter 1


The bell had rang signaling the last day of school was officially over. While everyone was rushing out the door, I was slowly packing my books away into my Micky bag. "Bye Mrs. Richards." I stopped by her desk. "Aww, come here sweety." She reached across the desk to hug me. "Have a great summer, Cece." "You too." We'd both let go. Tears were breeming in her eyes. I guess it wasnt a secret I was her favorite student. I waved goodbye as I exited the room.

I was now at my locker, putting the rest of my accesories into my bag. I smiled as a pair of large hands covered my eyes as his lips trvelled to my ear. "Guess who." He whispered. "Mickey Mouse." I bit my bottom lip. His raspy laugh echoed throughout the halls. His hands moved from my face and closed my locker. I spun around to face him. Not being able to control it, the tears spilled from my eyes.

"Dont cry, beautiful." He wrapped his arms tightly around my waist as I did him. "Im gonna miss you, Harry." I sobbed into his shirt. "Its ok. I'll call you every night, I promise." He let go of my waist and grabbed my face in his hands. I nodded, sniffing. "Come on." He led me down the hall and out the front doors to the school. My dad sat waiting for me in the car.

I turned to face Harry, my eyes full of worry. "It'll be ok." He slowly leaned in. His lips connected with mine in a slow passionate kiss. When he pulled away I could tell he was holding back the tears in his eyes. "Go." His voice cracked as he let go of my hand as I walked away.

The door slammed as I got into the car. Harry was still watching me. I looked down fiddling with my fingers trying my best not to cry, for Harrys sake. "What the hell was that?" My dad asked, his fingers pulling my chin to make me face him. "Dont you understand what youre doing to me? He makes me happy dad, and your taking that away from me. Do you not want me happy?" "I want the best for my daughter.. And hes just trash." His words made my heart sink. Harry wasnt trash.


"Cece? You still awake?" My father knocked on my bedroom door before opening it slowly. It was the middle of June and I was still mad at him. "Yeah." I bit my bottom lip before moving across the room and collecting the stack of novels and candels. "Im going out in the garden." I walked past him. But before I could get fully in the hall he grasped my forearm. The look on his face told me he didnt believe a word. "Dad, its a garden.... not Harry." I pulled my arm away and walked downstairs and out the front door.

My feet moved me to the side of the house. It was dark outside, the street lights flickering by the sidewalk. I sat on the grass, lighting the candels and placing them around me before opening a novel. The candel provided me enough of a glimmer to read the words on the page.

As I turned the page to the novel, I felt the presence of someone laying next to me. I thought I was dreaming when large hands took the book away from me and placed it aside. "Hello, beautiful." He smiled, dimples popping into his cheeks as he leaned over me. "Harry?" I spoke in disbelief. He nodded, his hand travelling down to mine and entwining our ringers. I missed his touch so much.

All too soon he stood up to stand on the grass, holding out his hand to help me off the ground. I quickly accepted the gesture. "What are you doing here? My dad might see you." I asked. "Well, I was just walking around the neighborhood and happened to see you. I couldnt just walk away." He said. "Walk with me." He grabbed my hand. But I protested. "But my da-" "No, no." He cut me off, shaking his head. "I just... I wanna be with you. At our place." His eyes locked with mine.

I looked down at the grass then at the window. My dad was rocking back and forth on the chair, watching the sports channel. My gaze then looked back to a waiting Harry. I nodded my head, his smile making my heart flutter.


We were walking along the beach hand in hand. The beautiful waves washing across our bare feet. "Cece look." Harry pointed out to the water which I looked to see what it was he'd wanted me to see. I shrieked as he picked me up bridal style and ran into the water, diving with me in his arms. When I reached the surface, Harry had a huge smile on his face.

"HARRY!" I shouted at him. "I have no clothes!" He grabbed my in motion hands and held around my wrists, laughing. "Looks like youll be sleeping at my house." He continued to laugh. I found it hard to not giggle with him. All of a sudden the laughing stopped. His eyes looking into mine. "What?" I smiled. His tongue licked over his full pink lips. "I love you."

That was the first time hed ever told me that. My lips parted and eyes widened. ".... I-I love you..." I managed to choke out. I honestly did love him. It was a shock to me that hed actually told me. I didnt want to tell him before because I thought it would scare him away.

His forehead rested on mine, both our eyes closing. His full lips touched to mine, arms wrapping around my body. His tongue forced its way into my mouth, exploring. It was sweet, slow. I couldnt think about anything but him. He pulled away licking over his lips again, savouring my taste. "Im cold." I said as his forehead continued to rest against mine. "Come on." Harry led me out of the water and onto the warm sand.

Harry pulled my hand, causing me to fall and him tumbling on top of me. Our laughter filled the air. He brushed back strands of hair from my face before pecking me lips. "Marry me." He bit down on his lip as he held his hand up. A ring with a pink and blue dimond between his fingers. My lips parted but nothing came out. I could feel my heartbeat in my chest. "Y--" I was interupted my a hiccup. "What was that?" He chuckled. "Yes." I let out a breath. His smile warmed my heart. The ring was placed on my finger as I continued to hiccup, causing Harry to laugh.

"What.. time is it?" I hiccuped. "10:38." He laughed. "C'mon, lets go home." He smile grabbing my hand and helping me to my feet.


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