is it worth it

A girl named Emily is ready to give up just let it go when someone trys to stop her, will they be able to? read to find out!!


2. at the boys flat

                  *Niall's p.o.v.*

So Liam said that this girl was coming to the flat. So I jumped in the shower and then I got dressed. She walked through the door. She was very pretty but not my type. I'm hungry. I'll go get me some food.


                  *Emily's p.o.v*

Me and Liam walked up to his flat, its BEAUTIFUL! "Your house is very beautiful" I said to Liam. He looked at me in a weird way. Which then after that started laughing. We got Inside and other was four other boys. "Emily this is Niall, Zayn, Harry, and Louis" Liam said " Hi I'm Emily"  I said " Liam where do I put my purse ?" I asked Liam. The curly haired one winked at me and I felt myself blush. 

                * Liams p.o.v.* 

I saw Harry wink at her and saw her blush. I got angry, then I took her to my room and said she could keep it in here. Harry won't be able to steal her this time.


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