is it worth it

A girl named Emily is ready to give up just let it go when someone trys to stop her, will they be able to? read to find out!!


1. end it

                                        *Emily's POV* 

 I was ready, me Emily Rose Flanders was ready to end it all. I was getting ready to end it and then all of the sudden someone is running at me. I tried going faster hurrying as he got closer. " What on earths name are you doing??" He was screaming at me. "Why do you care?" I asked in a harsh tone. He had already brought me over to a big tree before I knew it."First of all who are you and why do you care?" I asked in a rude tone .

                                     *Liam's p.o.v* 

What in earths name.... what is she... what.... was all I could think before I started running at this girl. She had long blondish silky hair that was laying curled down her back. She started going faster at what she was doing before I realized what she was doing. I started running faster, and faster. " 

What in earths name are you doing?" I yelled as I was running towards her. "Why do you care?" She said back. I had walked her over to a big tree. "First of all who are you and why do you care?" She asked in a rude tone. "I'm Liam!" I said "I'm Emily!!" She said back to me. I looked at her and looked into her big blue eyes and said I care because I don't care if I don't know you, you need to live. And with that I took her to the flat after we had a nice chat. When we got there the boys would know about it and we would help her with her trouble.

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