YouTubers Around the World *ON HOLD*

I think the title says it all.

Felicity's dream is to meet all her favorite YouTubers around the world. After a couple years of saving money she decides to hit it off and take off on a plane around the world. Will Felicity make it around the world? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.

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5. Meeting a fan

   ~Devon's Pov~
 I began to choke on my water when I hear Felicity say those words. "I don't think I heard you correct...could you repeat that again?" I ask.

"I said I wanted to give you money for a new car."

"Hahaha! Your hilarious Felicity!" I slap my leg and begin to laugh harder. I stopped laughing realizing she wasn't laughing with me. "Wait, you were serious?"

"If the words came out of my mouth then yes."

"No! I'm not taking your money!" I slam my hands on the table.

"Devon, your going through a lot of things right now. Can't I just help you this once?"

"I don't want you giving me anything and if someone is going to give something to someone it should be me giving you a lot back."

"If you want to give me something then give me the offer to buy you a car Devon," Felicity pleads.

 I'm not letting her buy me a car. She's done so much for me and I owe her a lot even though she won't accept it.

"Your not getting me a car Felicity."

"Your not going to be able to drive around to your friends," she says, getting up walking towards the door.

"Where are you going?" I ask.

"You're staying here Devon!"

   ~Felicity's Pov~
  I run out of the apartment and call a taxi. Man, I know he's going to hate me, but I don't care. I said I was going to buy him a car and I never kid about things I offer. I help others with life problems and stuff.
  One time, people commented on one of my videos saying that I was mean for ignoring a homeless person, but what really happened was that I gave him money before I turned the camera on. He all of a sudden ask people around me when I start to walk off with my camera on. I get hate on that, but I ignore it.

"Hello, I'm Felicity, I'm here to purchase a car," I say to the salesperson.

"Those are the words I'm looking for! Im Michael. What kind of car are you looking for today?"

"I want one that doesn't cost too much, still looks good, and it won't catch on fire."

"Haha! What a sense of humor!" He slaps his leg, laughing.

"That wasn't a joke sir."

"Oh. Well right over here we have this dark blue car or that silver one over there or that beige one."

  I walk towards the silver one and inspect it carefully. Looks nice but there are scratches on this car. I shake my head and walk towards the beige one. Also nice but I notice some stains in the back seats. Ew! I finally walk over to the dark blue one and see no scratches, no stains, and it just looks perfect!

"How much?" I ask.

"$13,500 it's a great deal too, you get a $500 card for gas and oil changes are free if you come back to this same car dealership. Are you looking forward to this?"

"Yes, I would love to see my friend crusin' in this nice car."

"You're getting this for a friend?"

"Yeah, he going to hate me for buying it, but I help others that have troubles."

"You are such a nice friend."

"Daddy, daddy, daddy, look at this new video he uploaded!" A girl comes running towards Michael, who was helping me. She must be at least 12 or 13.

"Hold on sweetie. Sorry, she's just gets excited over YouTube videos."

"No, no! It's okay, I would do the same to with my own parents," I smile.

"What is he doing?" He looks at the screen.

"He's putting games together and trying to help the Pokemon creator come up with ideas!" She begins to laugh at the Smosh video. Yeah, I know my Youtubers videos by heart. Call me crazy.

"Are you a fan of them?" I ask.

"Totally! I've been a fan for 3 years and I've watched every single video!" She says, still looking at the screen. "I wish I could meet them one day!"

"Hey, if I knew them better I would have them come and do a meet up."

"Anthony and Ian aren't going to come because one fan..." She looks up at me in shock. "OMG! Your 'HeyItsFelicity' from YouTube!"

"Yeah, you know me?"

"Who doesn't? I watched Joey and Meghan's vlog a couple days ago and I checked out your videos after. I can't believe your actually going around the world to meet other Youtubers!"

"Haha! It's cool to meet a fan while I travel around!" I smile.

"Can you sign my iPad?"

"Sign?" I raise my eyebrow.

"Yeah! You're an awesome Youtuber and I want to be the first to get your autograph!"

"Sure. What's your name?" I can't believe this.

"Annie and thank you so much!"

"Hey, do you want to be in a vlog?" I stop her in her tracks from leaving.

"Do I!" She sits next to me as I get my camera out.

 "Hey Everyone! Today I'm here with an actual fan! This is Annie and I just met her literally like 2 seconds ago and she's so awesome!" I point the camera towards her as she waves.


"So what do you like to do?" I ask her.

"Hmm...I like to watch Youtubers like Felicity!"

  After a small talk I finally turn the camera off and finish my business with Michael. He decided to give me a better deal since her daughter likes me so much and I was refusing, but he kept on insisting for me to take it. I ended up taking it and signed the papers.

 "Well, it was a pleasure doing business with you Felicity! Hope to see you meet other Youtubers around the world!" Michael hands me the car keys as we walk out.

"Felicity, wait!" I look back and see Annie run towards us.

"Hey Annie, what's up?"

"I wanted to give you something." She hands me a little purple box with a pretty bow on it.

"Oh you don't have to Annie, really."

"I want to Felicity because you're dedicated to your fans and you're awesome." She smiles up at me.

 I untie the bow and take the lid off, revealing a hand made multicolored friendship bracelet. I slip it on my wrist and see that it fits perfectly with my other bracelets.

"Do you like it?" She asks.

"I love it Annie, thank you." I hug her before going into the car and taking off back to Devon's place.

A/N: okay...haven't updated in forever so sorry! I need to focus on this now! Oh and if you're not a fan become one today! Also please check out my Youtube Games fanfic too by going to my profile!


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